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Go Woke & Go Broke

Water is fundamental to life, yet it’s also a scarce commodity. In many cases, greed and mismanagement are causing this life-giving essential to run dry. What happens when water is monetized? Francis August Schaeffer was an American evangelical theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor. He is best known for co-founding the L’Abri community in Switzerland with […]

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A Marketing Campaign

Optimism has always prevailed along with calling things that are not as though they were. That is Scripture just as “to live is Christ and to die is profit” and we all came to die with or without Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior. Pray for those who live in godless fear without Christ […]

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Status & Standing

The Honorable Anna Von Reitz, David Straight and Eric Jon Phelps have dedicated their lives to truth and the freeing of all Americans. There is a vast difference between an American and a US Citizen and it’s imperative you know and understand the difference. That’s why correction of Status & Standing is necessary for every […]

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Land Patents

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Taking Over The World

“We got our second dose of the Moderna vaccine 3 days ago (in Florida). We feel like we have a mild case that is very unpleasant. After the first dose a month ago, I had no symptoms and my husband developed nausea and muscle aches that lasted for about 2 days. They gave a much […]

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Stop World Control

A top lawyer from the Italian Supreme Court reveals how a large defense software company, Leonardo SpA, stole the United States presidential election, using advanced military grade software, and satellites. Why did they do this? The following video gives eye-opening answers… The world is sleeping in deep deception, by the mainstream media. Wake them up […]

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Dropping From The Vax,-Empty-Hospitals-and-Tik-Tok-Nurses:8 Many folks I know and some personally are sharing how they’ve taken the covie vax and they say it with pride. The majority are medical doctors required to take the vax if they maintain their current profession. Personally, I would find another profession or correct status and standing and once corrected, continue the work. […]

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Microsoft To Vaccines

Americans must awaken to the damage and death that is being injected into every living man, woman and child, mentally and physically. Today’s masked populous is being destroyed through this scamdemic as planned, according to the Georgia Guidestones erected many years ago down in South Georgia. Real pandemics don’t rely on faulty prediction models, biased […]

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How many COVID-19 cases are actually cases

Imagine being quarantined and your family, friends, and coworkers needlessly alerted and scared because you tested positive for a scrap of unviable genetic material. You thought you had a dangerous virus, but you didn’t. Without a doubt, it’s happened all across North Carolina, except that the victims never find out about that last bit. These […]