Trinity Farms International Ministries began soon after March 29, 1984 at the age of 32, eight days before my 33 birthday while living in Atlanta, Georgia. That was the day a Damascus Road Event was experienced to the Glory of God. Forever life was changed for Abba Father’s Glory.

The event was known as Tres Dias, where 60 men waited on 40 men teaching the love of Jesus Christ.

The awakening along with the journey of a lifetime had begun concerning “The Son of a SEAL” and a Captain in the US Navy & a Duke Masters Graduate. Having been raised by the Captain, a new life & mission was established, the course was set and the journey continues to be awesome.

Until one comes to intimately know Jesus Christ Yashua, life is not worth much. Without Christ Jesus, one lives among the walking dead, a drift, on the Seas of Commerce which is how the masses are destined to live life.