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The ‘Trick’ is the law is summed up in three words; what is Just, Right & Proper? Who’s is it, who owns it and who made it? The owner makes all the rules and has all the power! It’s a simple trick.

We make ourselves a new identity and fool everyone while we’re the one deceived. Like a mask and it’s against the law. Parents give their child one face and you made for them another.

This is identity fraud and a fiction which is a lie, witchcraft and the practice of the occult, known as hidden mysteries. You cannot be what you appear as. The three frauds are to attorn, personify and appear. The moment you assume, you loose your body, life and all your property. If you appear to be you’ll be treated as you are.

Your whole life you’ve been doing everything by and through a fictional and fraudulent identity which you’ve been appearing as. That’s what your documentation (birth certificate) is all about. No being is self made except God. Scripture is the book of the law. Genesis 1:26 “And God made man in His own image in His likeness.” Any likeness or appearance you make will give you a new Father, a new Maker, a new Owner.

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another”
~ William Shakespeare ~

“Confusion of Being”

What would you think if I told you there are TWO OF YOU ! One you ARE and the other you APPEAR AS.You would say that is impossible, and you would be right. You were born with a good brain, but it has been deliberately messed up and for a specific purpose. The illusion you have lived your whole life is so normal, no one can see it.

• Do you want to live a real life?….. • A life of liberty perfected by law?

• A life with plenary authority and inherent dominion that no man can overrule?

Then Wake Up and Pay Attention!

“You must spit out that which is not yours. It is poisonous”

Live the highest status any man can be!

Watch Confusion 1-9 and awaken to your Person, confusion of face, your mask & enslavement…whenever we do anything in person we’re evoking the dead thus dead men walking known as fictions, dead in the law. Anything registered is voluntary given away so you don’t own anything. You are a professional beggar. Your birth certificate isn’t you and they don’t want you to know. Those that know are sworn to secrecy commercially because you’re dealing with corporate US Citizens and property is the Holy Grail of law. You can’t own property with a Birth Certificate to include your body. You are either peculiar of common so don’t abandon your birthright. There is no liberty without property and you surrender all with a Birth Certificate.

Being told you own something is a lie which is a fraud. Wake up. You don’t even own your name or your body. What is God all about? Let’s talk about words. Whenever we do anything in person we are evoking the dead as a medium because we are dead in the law. All laws & statutes apply to persons. Persons are divided by the law into either natural persons, or artificial. Natural persons are such as the God of nature formed us: artificial are such as created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government which are called corporations or bodies politics.

God does not respect persons, and our law only respects persons. To have a persona, to be a person, was to have a face before the law thus the mask becomes you identity and all the judge can see as you’re in disguise. You are in disguise. Persons have no gender and own no property. A person is not a noun but an adverb.

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