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Truth About Taxes

The general public feels powerless of government organizations and corporations that hide in a cloud of bureaucracy. The masses are so easily manipulated on a voluntary daily basis. Why do they use so many ways to extract money from you? How dare you not pay your fair share? Bureaucracies are necessary to hide the extortion […]

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The Illusion of Knowledge

Consider the Alchemy of Evil. Did you know HIV is contained in some batches of the vaccine? Here it is on the BBC: Who knew?  As usual, the Tin Hats who bothered to look not the Mainstream Media In fact, in all our testing of all the various batches of “vaccine” HIV was the only virus […]

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Killing The Working Class

Fauci lied & millions died along with destroying Billions of Families, Jobs, Homes, Marriages and Life itself and all by design through mass formation psychosis. The masses work hard for a pay check and are the most punished worldwide through the tax system leading to ‘their own demise and enslavement’. The fed is composed of […]