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Viruses Of The Mind

Mind parasites, toilet paper and the great ballon invasion of 2023. Covid™ is not a disease; it’s a program designed to produce fear. CV19™ is part of a multi demential agenda for control & depopulation. Are you one of the pure-bloods? The bible never tells us to clear all thoughts. You clear your mind of […]

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“The Universal Antidote”

Very few understand health as witnessed by CV19™. Instead of being responsible for one’s own health they look to the highly profitable medical cartel and big pharma. Like most vaccines causing medical effects, the covid flu vax destroys 30% of natural immunity and little is more important than one’s own immune system. Newborns are greatly […]

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“Prepare For War”

“If you want peace, prepare for war.” Everyday we get out of bed we’re in a war between good and evil. We war for Christ or we war for the world. We pursue Christ or the world and the godless, fearful, injected, masses, pursue the world. Always listen to the Lord Jesus Christ and listen […]

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“Autism Made In America”

And now we have the Covid 19™ vaccine, for the slow soft kill producing billions in profit while killing millions. The mind-washing continues among the masses. Trusting, educated, compliant, naive parents vaccinate™ their healthy, most precious God given gifts, with a vast number of vaccines™ and today, the CV19™ vaccine, all to create long term […]

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Pharmacist Quits Job

She couldn’t wait for the first load of vaccines to arrive at their store so she could read the scientific recipe data sheet that always accompanied vaccines. The covid “vaccine” information had only one thing printed 3 times:“Left intentionally blank” The Mandela Effect, C19 vaccines, vaccinators & America.


Declare Truth

We are a grassroots group that has come together to stand for medical freedom, religious freedom, and seek truth from the medical world. Our group includes employees whose were terminated based on Covid 19 vaccine mandates, families who have lost loved ones who were placed on Remdesivir in hospitals, as well as people that have […]

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Fear Is A Tool

The USDA, like many federal agencies, is deeply invested in the business of extermination. CV-19 is a prime example of how easily fear is used concerning lockdowns, maskitis and vaccines. Why use monkeys for testing vaccines when people willingly volunteer. Monkeys move to the back of their cage while people demand their next vaccine. Monkeys […]

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Virus Mania

Dr. Samantha Bailey, coauthor of ‘Virus Mania,’ joins Mike Adams to discuss pandemics, virology and mass psychosis. CV-19 is and was carefully crafted through agencies through collusion using the germ theory negating the terrain theory. Maybe viruses are not the cause of illness. The premise of modern virology is dead particles exist on a […]

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3 of 7 Project

Having been blessed to be raised by a Navy SEAL, a Captain, one step from an Admiral, was a privilege and great honor that few experience. For around 40 years I’ve operated worldwide with a S.E.A.L attitude for Christ Jesus which has been a greater honor than all the riches in the world, which I […]

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Trump Restored The Republic

We the people must claim it. DJ Trump has already restored the Republic, We the People have to claim it. This is how we take back our country! Bobby Lawrence, Bonnie Straight & Miki Klann. The Awakening Starts Here.In his latest lecture, David Straight gives his remarkable insight, knowledge, and accurate analysis of what is […]