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Idiocracy Vs Surrogates

It’s hard to sue a corporation with a get out of jail card. Many have gotten themselves into a bad situation and they’re going to die. Over a million have died and there’s going to be many more due to the vaccine. Depending on the lot the injection was from there will be a variety […]

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Ai & Depopulation

Dead pilots, vaccine tyranny, and the exopolitical Artificial Intelligence origins behind the plot to depopulate planet Earth in unison. The nations are being stress tested and most are failing as the eugenics program continues. What’s behind the current purge of humanity that’s taking place on a planetary scale? Over 111 dead commercial pilots through September of 2021, […]

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There Is No Covid 19

The Mandatory Injection was planned in 2015 by the Covid Rico Conspirators. Do not participate in the propaganda of this conspiracy. There is no SAR’s Corona Virus ll. There is a bioweapon that in 1999 was paid for by Anthony Fauci and patented at UNC Chapel Hill, NC in 2002. This Bioweapon was engineered to […]

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One Million Deaths

Dr. Brian Ardis warns America is approaching ONE MILLION DEATHS from Remdesivir and Ventilator Homicide. Due to woke family members, many doctors and highly educated worldwide are buying the Gates, Fauci lies. It’s not about a virus! It’s about depopulation and the murder of precious loved ones. Critical thinking is gone unless you awaken and […]

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Nanoparticles & Smart Dust The Covid Test was created by Kerry Mullis who died shortly after publicly announcing anything could be proved with the PCR test and the test was being misused. Nanoparticles, Which Change DNA, Are In The COVID Tests! Nanoparticles & Smart Dust In Your Body Will Plug You Into The Beast/5G/Wifi/Lifi System Using Your Body […]

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Engineered Life Expectancy

Catherine Austin Fitts is a brilliant lady we spent time with out of the country years ago and our conversations were excellent. Please take some time and listen to her knowledge and wisdom as she has much to offer. Always invest in people. The average person can’t fathom what is being gotten away with nor […]

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Thinking is Complicated

Thinking is Complex as exhibited by those who daily support the propaganda promoted by the CCP, MSM, Jesuit Fauci, George Soros and “The Gates of Hell.” Thousands are naively volunteering, out of fear, for the Covie Injections, which are untested, unproven, and totally unaware of what’s in the needle. The injection is a medical device, […]

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We Are The Resistance

⁣In recent months, Dr Coleman’s videos have been heavily targeted by paid trolls who were spreading lies, libels and misinformation. Sadly, this is why Dr Coleman has had to disable comments. He apologizes and says that he misses all your kind and encouraging comments. Dr Vernon Coleman explains why we’re fighting a war of perception […]

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People Are The Cure

There is a hatred of, We The People, that exist among the Aristocracy. They are intent on eliminating 7 Billion of us and it’s time to take a stand. Prepare for a systemic breakdown as the population continues to be reduced via an enemy image which is a massive fraud. The narrative has been fabricated. […]

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Status & Standing

The Honorable Anna Von Reitz, David Straight and Eric Jon Phelps have dedicated their lives to truth and the freeing of all Americans. There is a vast difference between an American and a US Citizen and it’s imperative you know and understand the difference. That’s why correction of Status & Standing is necessary for every […]