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The Crime & Death Corporation is not dedicated to those fighting for truth and freedom. Seek freedom over fear. Courage is contagious, be courageous because life is either a great adventure or nothing. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone so you can hate me, try to break me, talk me down and […]

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A Manufactured Illusion

“Patented Genocide” is a brilliant, academic and exceptional talk given by Dr. David Martin: https: // We have recently returned from Baton Rouge where the family gathered for the farewell to a dearly loved Grandfather who took the covie injection which assisted in ending his life. Baton Rouge is one hot, humid, crowded place […]

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How Did We Get Here

Hosea 4:6. “People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” You’ve been entrusted with much and even more is expected. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Let there be enlightenment! The Illusion of Knowledge. The word vaccine gets its derivation from cattle. How can we use the plague constructively? These beautiful things called bacteria and viruses […]

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Top Ten Reasons to take the Covid Vaccine

Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report shares the top ten reasons to take the Covid Vaccine known as a Bioweapon along with supporting the Georgia Guidestones down in South Georgia. Klaus Schwab is the Father of Transhumanism and everyone needs to study and be aware of the billionaires agenda. Covid has a 99% plus […]

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Survival Of The Wisest

Jonas Salk is trumpeted by the entire world as solving the problem of Polio but what that did was give everyone the impetus for getting mass vaccinations. Salk was propped up by the elite convincing everyone that health required mass vaccinations. Salk is called the father of mass inoculations and herd immunity all in preparation […]