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Described as a “CyberSpace Ministry” empowering Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally which Scripture defines as a Whole Man. Trinity Farms operates out of a genuine love for mankind; that all may know Truth.


Couple this with Truth Technology involving Law, Finance, Living Free, Self-governing, Self-supporting, Living Grid Free, and Alternative Medicine with a firm Foundation in Jesus the Christ, the Absolute Cornerstone.

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  • ‘Virtual’ Kids
    Story at a glance: Artificial intelligence expert Catriona Campbell predicts virtual children will be commonplace within the next 50 years, which can help combat overpopulation. The virtual children would only exist within the metaverse, and parents would interact with them using high-tech wearables like gloves that can deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations. Climate […]
  • Death From CV19 Vax 
    Dr. David Martin has a deep medical science and investment resume. Dr Martin also runs a company (M·CAM International) that finances cutting edge innovation worldwide.  He is also one of the key people seeking justice in lawsuits suing medical companies and the federal government involved in delivering the so-called vaccines for CV19.  In simple terms, […]
  • Abortion & Sodomy
    Roe decision brings CLARITY on the LUCIFERIANS running the abortion child sacrifice cult. Murder of the unborn is Satanic just as a man lying with another man. It was never about Adam & Steve which is death and eternal damnation. Stay away from the Boogyman Virus at all cost. Stay away from all vaccines. […]
  • Giving Life to Lucifer
    People are all explorers trying to find themselves…Some people around you will not understand your journey.They don’t need to; it’s not for them. King James Bible“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” The one thing Artificial Intelligence can never achieve is wisdom because it […]