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Described as a “CyberSpace Ministry” empowering Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally which Scripture defines as a Whole Man. Trinity Farms operates out of a genuine love for mankind; that all may know Truth.


Couple this with Truth Technology involving Law, Finance, Living Free, Self-governing, Self-supporting, Living Grid Free, and Alternative Medicine with a firm Foundation in Jesus the Christ, the Absolute Cornerstone.

“In Life we’re all sailing on the seas of commerce and few know how to sail” The Captain a Navy SEAL

Latest Post:

  • “Inhuman Frequencies”
    Are frequencies weaponized? Can they alter behavior to the point of genocide? What was the purpose of the mass CV19™ shots? Have you heard of Operation Crimson Mist creating a fast acting Genocide using frequencies? This operation has been employed since the late 50’s.
  • Missionary Spencer Smith
    There is a great evil coming and it appears to be so innocent in this documentary. “For ye shall be as gods, knowing good from evil.” How do you tell people that a great evil is coming and not come across as a crazy man? Make full proof of your ministry; walking by faith in […]
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress
    John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is a great work of Christian literature. Originally composed in the 17th century, this spiritual allegory has entertained and delighted innumerous readers for over 300 years. Part I tells of “Christian” and his journey to “Celestial City;” Part II tells of the journey of Christian’s wife Christiana and their children to Celestial […]
  • Decoding mRNA In Meat
    The food today is severely adulterated and sprayed with all kinds of chemicals. Animals are likewise being injected with a variety of drugs which causes a vast number of problems for humans. Health is wealth, so be advised… John 8:32