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Described as a “CyberSpace Ministry” empowering Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Mentally & Emotionally which Scripture defines as a Whole Man. Trinity Farms operates out of a genuine love for mankind; that all may know Truth.


Couple this with Truth Technology involving Law, Finance, Living Free, Self-governing, Self-supporting, Living Grid Free, and Alternative Medicine with a firm Foundation in Jesus the Christ, the Absolute Cornerstone.

“In Life we’re all sailing on the seas of commerce and few know how to sail” The Captain & Navy SEAL

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  • The True American
    Do you understand law which stands for land, air & water? Are you a citizen? Remember, slaves can’t own anything, not even ones own body. The wageslave is exactly that, a common slave, working from cradle to grave. As Pogo once said, I’ve met the enemy and he is us. Our enemy is ignorance and […]
    This video is about the powerful families of industry and banking who shaped the 21st century. The first segment about the Rockefeller’s and the Rockefeller Foundation is taken straight from my book, The Deep State Encyclopedia, which is now available for purchase (Release day March 7th)! A Century Ago: Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize […]
  • “Pain Is Coming”
    The banking Crisis is to control you. Centralized banking which we’ve had for decades. Decentralization is mankind’s only hope. A few days ago the White House tweeted: “Our economy is moving in the right direction under President Biden’s leadership.” Does it feel that way to you? Or does it feel like the administration is moving […]
  • “And We Know”
    Have You Been Deprogramed? May this be an exceptional day to our Abba Father’s Glory. Without His favor, wisdom, guidance, mercy & protection, mankind is totally lost as evidenced by The Covid™ Agenda.  “In life there are the sheep who live in fear, and then there are the Lions…who capitalize on it.” Hunters become the hunted. […]