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As a very wise Father once shared: In life we’re all sailing on the seas of commerce and few know how to sail. Those with children must care.

What should be so obvious to everyone, by now, is that you only possess the ILLUSION of Freedom, and not the real thing…as True Freedom can only come from Connecting to God Within yourself, where no other “Man” can go…this PATHETIC reality here upon the Materialistic Plane has done nothing for us except believing that we are Zombiefied Corporations, with all Capital Names, that MUST go to a Government controlled school, with their “Truths” and their Rules, so that we can get “good” jobs, to earn “good” money, to pay for everything except that which we really need? How did everything become an Upside Down Lie???

Money…the Moment they forced us off the Land and into Cities, like so many huddled Cattle, the game was OVER…we came for jobs to earn money, so that we could buy things, that always used to be FREE OF THE LAND…we as a Species have ALWAYS been, until the last 110 years, a Rural based people, living in Bliss and Abundance through the Truth Wealth of both the Father and the Mother, being shown the Way by the Teachings of Jesus Christ…

But now, Jesus has become a Lie, God has been hidden from us, and we are left ORPHANS to these Monsters who EAT our Children and use us as Lab Rats, Science experiments, learning from us, day after day, until such time that they knew us BETTER than we knew ourselves…and the rest, is our Sad and Pathetic, Modern History…

“Find Out, Find Out, what this feeling of being a SLAVE is all about…”

Usually when speaking with folks the question arrises concerning vaccines. Once a confession is noted the conversation ends due to a somewhat moronic lack of judgement, logic and ultimately intelligence as clearly displayed in these two vids by JP Sears. Excellent work JP.

With a 99% + cure rate why do the more educated continue to seek the injections? The goal has always been to reduce the population by 95% and billions are scheduled for the event as clearly displayed with the Georgia Guidestones. Bill Gates has also been quite clear in sharing the agenda for the attentive.

Welcome to Red October

Clif High is brilliant and quite the champion for truthers. Cognitive dissonance is fully embraced among both the educated and uneducated. Linguistics is powerful in using the masses worldwide so why are the injected still getting covid? We’re dealing with a finely tuned system with no liability as the killing continues which isn’t the action of the intelligent which normes can’t grasp concerning the depopulation agenda. They are woke. The narrative is religious which is a false premise.

Vaccines are unnecessary in a healthy population, in fact, they are damaging. No-one should ever be vaccinated. Its always been amazing how parents naively vaccinate their children without a clue of what’s being injected into the child, which is guaranteed to cause serious issues throughout the child’s life. Your God given immune system is stellar, infinitely superior to any vaccine.

Vaccines cause long term medical effects making billions annually. Natural immunity is 30 times more powerful than vaccines and synthetic vaccines are designed to destroy man, woman & child. Eugenic depopulation has always been the agenda.

John 8:32

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