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Catherine Austin Fitts is a brilliant lady we spent time with out of the country years ago and our conversations were excellent. Please take some time and listen to her knowledge and wisdom as she has much to offer. Always invest in people.

The average person can’t fathom what is being gotten away with nor can they believe leadership could be so evil as the sheep are being led to the slaughter. Today’s naive trusting injected American is slowly being bleed on the way to eternity. In essence, godless fear is driving the masses along with those buying the false science.

Small business is the bedrock of all democracy and it is going away which is all about political control. The land grab has just begun by wall street. In 2030 you will own nothing and be totally controlled.

Catherine Austin Fitts reveals the dark agenda behind the Covid-19 PsyOp — to destroy national sovereignties and create a permanent global lockdown on humanity. We must stop building our own prison: We don’t need central banks; we must decentralize. Life depends upon it. We get what we accept. Don’t buy the lie. Choose freedom over fear because the science is bogus…

The pressure of conformity. The most powerful global policy on earth today is the pressure to conform. Globalization is the movement of conformity. Get in line or get off; be like everybody. The goal is for all nations, all society to conform to a one world system of control and slavery. Conformity demands the surrender of your convictions, canceling uniqueness, accepting only what we tell you. You must cancel what makes you unique and it’s happening right now in every nation because of your voluntary participation. This is a dangerous world. Will you sit by and let it happen?

Mankind was created to continue to create. Creation isn’t finished. Time tested principles are being destroyed and this is not good. It’s your choice.

John 8:32

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