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Dropping From The Vax,-Empty-Hospitals-and-Tik-Tok-Nurses:8 Many folks I know and some personally are sharing how they’ve taken the covie vax and they say it with pride. The majority are medical doctors required to take the vax if they maintain their current profession. Personally, I would find another profession or correct status and standing and once corrected, continue the work. […]

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Microsoft To Vaccines

Americans must awaken to the damage and death that is being injected into every living man, woman and child, mentally and physically. Today’s masked populous is being destroyed through this scamdemic as planned, according to the Georgia Guidestones erected many years ago down in South Georgia. Real pandemics don’t rely on faulty prediction models, biased […]

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How many COVID-19 cases are actually cases

Imagine being quarantined and your family, friends, and coworkers needlessly alerted and scared because you tested positive for a scrap of unviable genetic material. You thought you had a dangerous virus, but you didn’t. Without a doubt, it’s happened all across North Carolina, except that the victims never find out about that last bit. These […]