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Cancer is a Fungus- A Revolution in Tumor Therapy by Dr. T. Simoncini published in 2007 is a scarce book on revolutionary cancer treatment.  This book is 245 pages in length. 

“On the basis of the scientific considerations in this book which demonstrate that cancer is caused by fungal masses (of the Candida type), sodium bicarbonate is the only useful remedy that is now available for healing the disease.”

“Unlike antimycotics, sodium bicarbonate has a very high diffusion rate and is free of structural complexities that can be easily decoded by the fungi.  It retains its capacity to penetrate into the masses for a long time, also and in particular because of the speed at which it breaks them down, which makes it impossible for them to adapt themselves sufficiently to defend themselves against it.”

Dr Hulda Clark wrote several books on The Cure For All Disease & The Cure For All Cancer, explaining how parasites are at the heart of all disease and the white coat profession will never share any of this information.

Like many, the White Coat Industry killed both of our parents leaving so many orphans in their wake. It’s all about profit and the Guidestones…

John 8:32

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