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If a nation decides to fight for a cause and if the men don’t volunteer freely for the cause then that nation is done and the agenda is useless. This new bill is simply a genecide to vax all military and then send them to fight to death.

As 7 billion continue to be eliminated in accord with the world government, the clueless are nothing more than canon fodder. Few today are fit for service, even fewer are capable of fighting as most are vaxxed, sick, fat, lazy, junk food pansies. That’s why the elite call us useless eaters, thus the elimination of 7 billion. Of course, it’s always about controlled enslavement & extortion. We are too many and some are learning how to think critically desiring freedom. What do you think CV19™ is all about; the mystery virus that’s never been identified?


Get in shape and serve your community to our Father’s Glory. The only way this is possible is through your relationship with Jesus Christ and the work He alone accomplished on the cross of Calvary. He did all the work and there is nothing more you can do except walk out your own salvation daily.

John 8:32

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