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Most of us went through the private, public fool system which has evolved over many years. As Rockefeller wrote: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers” In other words, I want a nation of tax filing wage slaves unaware of the reality of the real world.

Today’s schools don’t educate but indoctrinate and sadly students rebel in a variety of ways to mass indoctrination. Today, it’s Transhumanism which is the philosophical and scientific movement that advocates the use of current and emerging technologies, such as genetic engineering, cryonics, artificial intelligence (AI), and nanotechnology, to augment human capabilities and improve the human condition. Equally evil is genital mutulation & self mutilation.

Of course, 100 newborn vaccines are a great support to damaged bodies & longterm medical effects leading to what some call a soft kill.

Adrenochrome Victims

Guess Wayne was unaware of the 8 million children that go missing annually. Children & sex trafficking are more valuable than drugs.

The problem is as stated by the inscription, which since 1980 until recently, stated how the world population must not exceed 500,000,000 eliminating 7 billion. This is occurring through a variety of means medically, pharmaceutically, agriculturally and environmentally. The CV19™ series is a prime example of how fear is always employed in achieving the desired results.

Take the time to listen to this man, remembering the greatest lie is 95% truth and Wayne has an abundance of truth for those with discernment. Critical thinking is always key and public schools have done an exceptional job at destroying creative, critical thinking. John Taylor Gatto wrote an excellent book called “Dumbing Us Down” which everyone must read. Gatto was a 5 star, highly decorated, NY school teacher. Charlotte Iserbyt, an Einstein in education, wrote the best book called, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” from documents taken from the Department of Education. These are must read books to clearly understand the state of the nation & mankind.


Success is based entirely on one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how life is lived. In fact, without vision, His vision, life will parish because without Faith it’s impossible to please our Abba Father. Far too many live for the world and worldly possession unaware of eternity and where that will be spent. As exhibited in this video Christ is not the central issue or point just as the church has been civilly neutered so has the speaker. Far too many with money and all the worldly comforts live life this way as clearly spoken of by Wayne.

Starvation Worldwide

Christ Jesus did it all and it’s our mission to walk out His purpose in life. We are not called to be limp wristed broke-back rhino Christians as seen in most corporate run, state owned churches today. Where are the real men of God like Jonas Clark? He believed that the War of Independence was a just one, waged upon biblical principles which he had advocated from the pulpit of Christ Church who fired the first shot.

America has been gaslighted and the vaxxed, woke are totally unaware and could careless. Those with money could care even less about their own family and far too many are woke, selfish, greedy & self-serving.

We came here with nothing and we’ll leave with nothing yet most live for the world and worldly possessions. Most people never have enough and this is unacceptable. Many families place far more importance on money that life. Once a parents life is used up and no longer of value they are kindly discarded. Is this you?

John 8:32

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