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Few Americans understand the Federal Reserve System & even fewer are willing to do anything about it out of confused fear, the great motivator, as witnessed with the mystery virus known as CV19™ and the millions of willing subjects falling victim.

The Collapse

The Federal Reserve Bank is no more owned by the government than Federal Express. Check the Blue pages then watch “The Big Short”.

“You smell that? What is that?…” “Your cologne?” “No” “Opportunity” “No. Money” Danny Moses, Vinny Daniel, Porter Collins, and Mark Baum (based on Steve Eisman) decide to meet with Vennett to listen to his sales pitch: Credit Default Swap on Mortgage Backed Bonds and his illustration of Collateralized Debt Obligations.

The Big Short

Life hinges on education which is not found in Schools or Universities. Both only teach what will enslave everyone by keeping most poor, working, tax-paying, sickly, wageslaves until death. The god of this world controls most lives as they pursue worldly possessions.

Few understand that anyone or anything with a number is taxable, vaxable, institutional, draft-able and jailable and few correct their standing & status or rebut these presumptions. Are you papered up; do you understand or stand under these laws making everyone a corporate citizen, subject to the federal system and the 1000’s of governing statutes?

Too many live in fear as clearly evidenced by CV19™ which is a bioweapon designed for the sick, enslaved until death. Fear drives folks to cough up 6 months of work, simply to pay for their own demise in full support of their own enslavement & demise.

Honorable Mark Robinson

When Christ said come out of her my people, have you come out? America has become a corporately; no longer a Republic which is almost gone because few will stand for what is right. It all starts with Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Where are the real men of God today?

Take a Stand

When times get too tough, real American’s must take a stand for Truth & Jesus Christ. We can only do this by speaking loudly void of any fear, slander, threats or worse. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the children who are in school being vaxxed and programmed, lost in a state of confusion as the genecide continues…

John 8:32

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