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Dr. David Martin reveals how global drug cartels control our military, governments & world and few seem to care much less take action.

America has evolved from a once highly prized Republic into a Corportacracy without a whimper controlled by the Military, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Political, Institutional, Religious, Financial Industrial Complex. Fear leads the way for most as they obediently with full compliance obey the fear ridden narrative. Fear is the norm as freedom dissipates daily and the average normie hasn’t a clue. It’s simply business as usual with little regard for life, liberty, property & the pursuit of happiness.

Few today work or embrace freedom simply because of the looming fear factor heavily promoted by the obedient controlled by the elite. The mind-washing has been exceptional thanks to public & private schools and universities enhanced by MSM. The lies abound among the woke, vaxxed, libtard community, void of any ability to critically think.

John 8:32

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