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Navy SEAL Chadd Wright has a great mind and excellent perspective on life and completing SEAL training is the most incredible training worldwide. Like all SEAL’s taking many vaccines while in service which are designed to kill once the man is fully used up.

Father, a high ranking SEAL died early due to vaccines causing cancer & white coat butchers. Like the Georgia Guidestones, the mission is to eliminate 7 billion from the face of the earth. Like the woke, mask wearing libtards embracing the maskitisE disease & boosters they cannot critically think. Those naively allowing the bioweapon lost that ability in youth.

The Virus

The CV19™ virus has never been identified or isolated. Hydroxychloroquine was outlawed along with several drugs costing pennies which could have easily eradicated the so called covid virus. Billions were made killing/torturing patients with ventilators and destroying organs with Remdesivir. Where is the accountability? Where are the lawsuits from those tortured to death? How about those vaxxed causing deathly issues?

Never Forget
Pay Attention
Father God’s Judgement
Thank You
The Wicked Are Glorified

Eternal damnation is upon those refusing to accept the grace of Jesus Christ along with those with the mark. Read the Book because we’re suffering the wrath of Abba Father…

John 8:32

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