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Rockefeller Medicine has completed over 100+ years of exterminating humans in the name of “science” as the university schooled continue to buy into junk science as evidenced by newborn vaccines, creating longterm medical effects & CV19™. The goal of medicine is repeat customers & profit, creating pain and suffering through fear which is an exceptional program.

Much of society continues to be clueless accepting these gene wreaking procedures destroying any normal life. Hacking DNA is becoming the norm. It’s all about profit & repeat business. Welcome to the real world of vaccines & government schools where the program is completed.

– #Vaccine mandates and the Jacobson 1905 Supreme Court case. (0:00)
– Class action lawsuits against government, hospitals, and others over CV19™ vaccine mandates. (6:42)
– Holding officials accountable for CV19™ vaccine push, with criminal charges and civil lawsuits. (11:32)
– Vaccine fraud and Big Pharma’s reckoning. (16:54)
– Toxic chemicals in food, water, and medicine. (21:20)
– Depopulation through poisoning, media manipulation, and gender confusion. (29:37)
– Self-replicating vaccines, bioweapons, and their potential impact on human population. (34:09)
– Using venom peptides in popular weight loss drugs. (39:47)
– Weight loss drugs side effects resemble those of venomous snake bites. (44:47)
– Potential dangers of Western medicine and AI, risk of mass extermination. (1:02:06)
– AI replacing human decision-makers in various fields. (1:06:53)
– Humanity’s self-destructive tendencies and potential global catastrophes. (1:23:33)
– Impending doom due to AI, vaccines, and war, with a focus on spiritual survival. (1:28:37)

White Coat Prostitutes

Listen carefully to Mike Adams if truth is relevant and important to you because you are on the list for extermination as vaccines and AI evolve. Far too many have lost the ability to critically think or take any action.

The medical establishment has become the ultimate weapon against humanity. The AMA, JAMA & the CDC has been successfully bought and paid for so why not smoke more Camels.

Please pay close attention and awaken everyone you know, love and care for. Do not sell your soul and remember the shedding factor created for and by the Industrial Complex as the genecide continues.

Never Forget

Drugs do not heal however newborn vaccines do cause autism. Sick sheep are easily led and controlled. Society cannot survive the current system of death & distraction. The Rockefeller gender bender system has inflicted more pain and suffering than any system ever devised.

Sciripture speaks to pharmakeia with the two serpents entwined around the staff. The rod with the venomous reptilian serpents embody what we have today because it is extremely profitable…

John 8:32

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