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The Covid Test was created by Kerry Mullis who died shortly after publicly announcing anything could be proved with the PCR test and the test was being misused.

Nanoparticles, Which Change DNA, Are In The COVID Tests! Nanoparticles & Smart Dust In Your Body Will Plug You Into The Beast/5G/Wifi/Lifi System Using Your Body As Computer Interface

1) Vaccines contain nanoparticles & Nanoparticles change DNA. (Z3 News Article – “Dangerous Nanoparticles Contaminating Many Vaccines & Altering DNA”)

2) Farm animals have been vaccinated through the nose for several years. As can be seen from the research abstracts shared below, nasal vaccinations have been studied for more than 7 years!

3) Celeste Solum told us hydrogel would be in the “vaccines”. Hydrogel is referenced in the last abstract (Z3 News Article – “New DARPA injectable solution facilitates government tracking and monitoring of recipients.”)

4) Microsoft holds the patent to turn your body into a computer that is linked to cryptocurrency (Z3 News Article – “Coronavirus & Coronavirus Vaccine Patents + RFID/cryptocurrency with body interface patent”)

5) Explanation of how everything will be linked, surveillance & controlled in the Beast/5G/Wifi/Lifi/Digital System (Z3 News Article – “What Will Be Required For You To Move in Society 2021 Forward – Blockchain Digital ID & the Implementation of the Beast System”)

6) Every living organism is being barcoded, surveilled and tracked!  This will allow the Antichrist & his Kings to control all food, water & resources in the world. The world’s most powerful people have been buying up and controlling all resources necessary for life over the past decade but especially in the past 4 years.

AVOID the tests which contain nanoparticles. The less processed foods you can consume, the better, as nanoparticles are in our food and drinks. Sadly due to geo-engineering, nanoparticles are also in our animal products, vegetables, grains and other crops we consume.

DO NOT take the “COVID vaccines” as these are gene therapy with experimental biological agents & NANOPARTICLES! These “vaccines” are either a part of or are the MARK discussed in Revelation. Either way, your body is your temple! Protect it! Keep it pure.

“Contaminated Covid Test MUST be avoided- It contains Nanoparticles”, 7:44 Minutes Video

Celeste Solum shares that there is a magnetic beacon placed in your body with the tests swabs.

Dr. Lorraine Day shares the article referenced above.  Reminds you that saliva could easily be tested but instead they put a swab near the cribiform plate and twist it, they are depositing substances that can get into your brain.  People are being vaccinated with the test! Implanted with nanoparticles!

At the 3:30 minute mark, it shows the nanoparticles on the cotton swabs that are COVID 19 Tests moving! She shows the silver fibers which appears shiny in the tips of the swab and compares it to a normal cotton swab.  The nanoparticles are alive and you can see them connecting together.

How to program DNA nano robots

The nanotechnology approach to global infectious disease

Brigade Surgeon Blows Whistle on mRNA Injections and Military Leadership’s Total Failure, Crimes Against Humanity

THIS IS IN THE VACCINES – The Undying Hydra: A Mini-Monster That Clones Itself. Has Neurotoxins?

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