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Water is fundamental to life, yet it’s also a scarce commodity. In many cases, greed and mismanagement are causing this life-giving essential to run dry. What happens when water is monetized?

Francis August Schaeffer was an American evangelical theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor. He is best known for co-founding the L’Abri community in Switzerland with his wife Edith Schaeffer. He also wrote a book on how water would be used to control, enslave, destroy and mind wash the general public dependent on the city water supply through the use of a variety of chemicals in the water supply.

The WOKE are those who are the exact thing that they think they’re opposing. Few today are taught to be awake while the majority remain woke. They outsource their truth to others, therefore they’re easily manipulated and are completely controlled by deceptive forces. They see faults in others, yet are blind to the same faults in themselves. They feel significant the more they victimize themselves while pretending someone else is doing it to them. They don’t know how to spell self responsibility. And the woke lack courage, therefore choose peaceful slavery as their way of living. 

The AWAKE are those who see the deceptive forces, yet are free from them. They get their truth from within because they trust the innate intelligence that lives in them. They don’t attack others, they help others. They embody self responsibility as they know that is true freedom. The awake are brave sovereign beings and therefore choose freedom as their way of living. Do you know which you’re modeling for the children? Are you Awake or are you woke?

Time is freedom just as family is true wealth. The choice is yours.

This is exactly what has happened to those poor souls supporting the fraud and destruction of America. Remember, all of this has been planned and many will be the victims of their own ignorance. They are the woke, the fearfully godless, masked, injected, dejected, stupid fantastic; totally unaware of the culling of the gene pool which many naively fund, support and applaud. All actions have consequences so those awake must get prepared as the woke head for the cliff.

From Australia to California, from New York to London and Brussels, this investigative documentary tells the story of the global struggle over water. Following rushes to secure gold and oil, the age of the water rush is now here. As well as growing populations and expanding agriculture, there are the problems of environmental degradation and climate change. Global demand for water is skyrocketing. By 2050, at least one in four people will live in a country with a chronic water shortage. The situation has awakened the greed of giant financial institutions, which are going on the offensive, investing billions in the sector. Goldman Sachs, HSBC, UBS, Allianz, Deutsche Bank and BNP are among those pouncing on the commodity known as “blue gold.” But can fresh water really be considered a commodity on par with oil, coal or wheat? Should the players in these markets – banks and investment funds – be allowed to bet on the value of water? Will concern for profits undermine water’s essential function? Or should this precious resource be declared off-limits to financial speculators?

A battle has broken out between those who advocate the monetization of water, and those who defend it as a human right. It’s a battle being fought on many fronts: ideological, political, environmental and, of course, economic. And the fate of the nearly ten billion inhabitants of our planet hinges on its outcome.

What type, class or group would have picked these folks to run a country. Why would they willingly choose political failures over successful business men to ruin their lives while destroying a nation and world?

Shocking! On Government Watch List! Warrior Denise Langston exposes Communism as no one does! This just-released warning video will be a classic! Take heed! Act NOW! Warn Others! Get Ready!!!

The real group running America is an unelected aristocracy/cabal that believes the American people are not capable of governing themselves, or even choosing their own leaders. This class represents those supporting what we have today which in reality is a reflection of themselves. Remember, the best is yet to come…

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