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There is a hatred of, We The People, that exist among the Aristocracy. They are intent on eliminating 7 Billion of us and it’s time to take a stand. Prepare for a systemic breakdown as the population continues to be reduced via an enemy image which is a massive fraud. The narrative has been fabricated. With Trump it was Russia, Russia, Russia and today its China, China, China. It’s all a lie and the sheep are buying. The world is not what you’re being told.

Harley begins the conversation discussing how the Great Reset is no longer a conspiracy. The [DS] is pushing their agenda and they will not stop. They are turning the world into what they want, a planet of surfs with unelected leaders controlling the show. The people are the cure and need to stand up to this and it is possible. The war is real the news is fake. The green new deal is total enslavement just as bankers and lawyers totally run the world.

The Republicans and Democrats are all part of Wall Street totally bought and paid for. It’s totally up to We The People as they began to awaken to the level of corruption and censorship. The criminals are not going to let up so the good must wake up.

Harley Schlanger, Conspiracy No More, DS Agenda Exposed, We The People Are The Cure.

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We The People are fighting for our lives. Wake Up with Dr Vernon Coleman. Dr Coleman explains that the biggest danger in the war we’re fighting might not be an obvious one. For more unbiased information about other important matters please visit

We Must Unite

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