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TV is the Virus, The Pandemic is the Dumb Population, The Cure is Common Sense

There are two ways to be fooled:

1. To believe what isn’t true.

2. To disbelieve what is true.

The truth is that the right to do something is meaningless until you accept the responsibility and exercise your rights. And most of our rights go unexercised. The truth is that Satan exists — not as the pointy-headed horned monster we have been taught to visualize, but as the Spirit of Untruth. The Father of All Lies.The Father of All Lies will use your virtues to fool you, as well as your faults. He and his progeny will marginalize you, rationalize away your morality, confuse you with semantic deceits, and leave you either defrauded or paralyzed. Or both. He will teach you that you are weak, that you are needy, that you are guilty, that you are worthless, that you are dependent, that you are a victim. Satan makes you feel sorry for yourself. And afraid. And powerless.

The truth is that you are children of the Most High, beloved, empowered, eternal, endlessly creative, and you have sources of power you don’t even dream of. The truth makes you feel compassion for others. The truth drives out all fear. Yes, there are two ways to be fooled. 1. To believe what is not true. 2. To disbelieve what is true. Many of you don’t want to learn what I have to teach you. Many are paralyzed, waiting for someone else to do something, waiting for someone to save them. In some ways, it isn’t comforting to know that I can’t save you. Or this beautiful country. Or much of anything else. What I can do is share what I know, and what I have learned. I can use this knowledge to protect you, to an extent, but it’s all ultimately about each one of you learning to save yourselves. And then, all of us deciding — because it is a decision — to work together to save others. To save this country. To save this world. It’s all our free will choice, each step of the way. One step. One life. One dollar at a time. One minute. One hour. One little bit of knowledge accrued. These are our raindrops that fill the tide, that make us who we are, and that prove the truth about us. Don’t tell me that you are willing to die for your country. Tell me that you are willing to live for your country, instead.

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