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Mandates are not laws. They have no force in law. No legislature has approved Biden’s mandates. No legislature has approved the unilateral decisions by Democratic governors on lockdowns and masks. Members of Congress and their Staff are exempt from Biden’s Vax Mandate! Awaken the sheep. The injections/vaccines are killing 70 Americans every day.

Eric Clapton’s new song is exceptional and what we’ve been saying for many years concerning fraud, lies, control, slavery, extortion, taxation, death and devastation. Clapton’s new song says it all. Please pay close attention to the song, interview and stop the madness:

“This has gotta stop, Enough is enough. I can’t take this BS any longer. It’s gone far enough. If you wanna claim my soul. You’ll have to come and break down this door. I knew that something was going on wrong when you started laying down the law. I can’t move my hands. I break out in sweat. I wanna cry, can’t take it anymore. I’ve been around a long long time, seen it all and I’m used to being free, I know who I am, try to do what’s right, so lock me up, through away the key. Thinking of my kids, what’s left of them, and then what’s coming down the road. The light in the tunnel could be the southbound train. Lord please help them with their load.” 

Clapton Discusses His Vaccine Injury

GOD on COVID: Eric Clapton discusses his “Disastrous” Vaccine Experience:

Government Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses to planting explosives in the WTCs Before 9/11. John Lear, the son of Lear Jet Founder, clearly explains how these buildings were taken down creating a number of mega billionaires.

Now, the WHO concedes that the coronavirus is like ordinary flu As a consequence of the inappropriate treatment and vaccine invention, more than 500,000 Americans are now dead.

Murder Most Foul by Bob Dylan was an exceptional song concerning the assassination of JFK due to his printing of United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes which are tightly controlled by the cartel, 12 families & 12 Federal Reserve Banks, privately owned resulting in the destruction of America and the world. This is why assassins were dispatched to kill JFK and the Secret Service ordered to stand down.

The Amish were asked why they did’t have covid? They said, we don’t have TV…

Treasonous criminal-in-chief Joe Biden is waging a biological war on the American people via forced “vaccines” and spike protein booster shots, but the vaccine rebellion is quickly gaining steam.

A growing number of governors, AGs, state legislatures and corporate leaders are pushing back against Biden’s treasonous demands, saying they will NOT comply.

The truth about all these events can only be found in the independent media, whereas the so-called “mainstream” media is all-in with the lies, propaganda, money and journo-terrorism.

This past week, I posted four key interviews (and a couple of powerful podcasts) that give you lifesaving, critical information about this global biowar against humanity and how you can survive it.

Get the full article and list of interviews here.
Heart inflammation in teens explodes, known as Myocarditis, across America and the world in teenagers, following the Food & Drug Administrations approval of the Covid Injections.

Stay away from Doctors & Hospitals at all cost according to Stew Peters & Dr Lee Merritt. Covid has a 99.8% cure rate with a variety of simple, inexpensive drugs which are currently banned. Covid is the flu otherwise known as Influenza. Doctors have taken an oath to the CDC owned and controlled by Big Pharma & Insurence Companies. It’s always about the bottom line. Covid test don’t work & Vents kill!

Don’t let fear rule you. We must do the right thing and step up, stand up & speak up! The woke cannot be helped. They get their information from MSM & Science without validation or verification. The masses are spoon fed thus the Eugenics agenda is being fulfilled in accord with the Georgia Guidestones.

Members of Congress and their Staff are exempt from Biden’s Vax Mandate! Mandates are not law!

The Mark Of The Beast

John 8:32

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