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The Ultimate Gift

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Over the past week it’s been snowing and we’re snowed in, so we started watching “The Ultimate Gift” which is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen concerning life.

At 32, by God’s Grace, I quit working for money and the trappings of the world, vowing to work for Jesus Christ and family realizing family is the only true wealth, when grounded in Christ Jesus, the cornerstone and only true foundation.

As Dad used to say; we’re all sailing on the seas of commerce and few know how to sail. If you find yourself adrift, fall to your knees and pray for mercy and if deathly sincere, He will hear you. It’s all about Scriptural & Civil understanding and obedience.

You will be blessed for taking the time to venture down this road. Our family, six of us, sat around the cabin fire and watched all 3 of these as the snow fell. May I suggest it was highly beneficial with great lessons to be learned concerning life, work, money and family. Work comes in a variety of forms so who do you work for?



As a good friend and lawyer once shared: ‘there’s a thin line between life and death.’ Life is short and eternity very long, so ‘to live is Christ, to die is profit.’ The Lord says: “Your ways are not my ways, your thoughts are not my thoughts.” Are you prepared?

John 8:32

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