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Dr David E Martin begins by saying, “I think every conversation about K.O., video and every conversation about S.A.Rs Kor rona vyruss  is the wrong conversation for humanity to be having. And I think that we have been seduced into a distraction of epic proportions while a greater evil is being done.

“So I am not gonna fall for it! If you thought this was gonna be the ‘Find the F.a.u.c.I..moment, I’ve got a little teaser in there, you’ll get a little F.a.u.c.I.

but that’s not what this is about. This is about the illusion of knowledge.

“And I have at the bottom of this slide, one of my favorite quotes from Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

In our quest to figure out how this genocidal global Kor rona hoax was pulled off, we’ve looked at the Globalists, the central bankers, the corporatists, the pedophiles, the Communists, the British Crown, the Tavistock Institute, the CCP, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Sabbateans, the Bilderbergers, Klaus Schwab, the Satanists, the Freemasons – and even the Mantids from Hyperspace – but today, we can add another culprit, who the brilliant Dr Dave E Martin informs us, “For the last 145 years, they have done a wonderful job of making sure you never knew they’re behind it all. And by ‘all’, I mean ALL. And I don’t mean ‘some of all.’ I mean ‘All of All.’”

And who might that be?  The life insurance industry.

Yes. We haven’t heard a peep from anyone about the insurance companies throughout our dystopian Ko video interlude – let alone, ever – but Dr Martin assures us that it was the insurance companies who actually set up the central bankers to be the “Fall Guy” (!)

Dr Martin says, “It turns out, the thing that makes life insurance work is a thing called ‘Term Life Policies’…and what you do is you pay your life insurance premiums and you do that for a long time and after a while, you kind of go, ‘I’m paying a lot in and I’m not sure what I’m getting for the return and it turns out that, for most of us, after 17 and a half to 18 and a half years, we stop paying.

“That’s a great business, isn’t it? To tax people for 18 years, to offer them nothing and in return for the favor, keep all their money, plus all the money you made on their money and offer them no benefit. Pretty goo racket! Best part about it is they actually figured out that it was important to support the Eugenics Movement. 

“You heard what I said, People! Turns out that the thing that throws a curve ball into life insurance policies is people that die when you don’t want them to die. That’s a curve ball. That means you have to pay out. 

“So, surprisingly, in 1904 to 1910, Andrew Carnegie, who was very much affiliated with several of the boards of the life insurance companies decided that we needed to institutionalize medicine…institutionalize health research and pay for it for life insurance companies. Because controlling your death was big business. And people who didn’t match the actuarial models were bad for business. 

“Lo and behold! What did we start doing? I love it when people tell me that eugenics was a ‘Hitler thing’! Hahaha! Nice try! And thank you, once again to the life insurance companies for marketing that piece of bullsh*t – but this particular pursuit of this particular situation was born in 1910. 

“Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory…Isn’t it funny how we’ve been sucker-punched into believing that the Bad Guy is a Rothschild or the Bad Guy is a part of this nefarious, Deep Underlord, Dark Underworld, Pentagram-laden, candle ceremony, séance bullsh*t story? Isn’t it great to have a cover story, when nobody then asks the right question, which is, ‘Hold on a minute, if somebody’s marketing a story to me, I wonder if that marketing of a story is so I don’t ask any more questions?

“And by the way, anybody who thinks that the world is run by the Rothschilds has their head up their asp. And I’m dead serious. The world is actually run by life insurance executives.

“Bad news! And it turns out we’re going to get to why that’s so damned important…

“What happened in 1914 is an unforgivable mortal sin…It turns out that World War I was good business for life insurers. You know what happened when we sent…young men to their deaths in Europe? Life insurers pocketed a sh*tload of money. Because it turns out that few people knew how to file claims. The Department of Defense didn’t have a mechanism to actually process those things and it turns out that, in fact, the First World War, if you look at it from an economic perspective, the biggest winner of the First World War were life insurance companies.”

Dr David E Martin is so incredible and I got so much positive feedback from yesterday’s Q&A session at a screening of Plandemic and so many reader requests to see the main event that I found it (or at least part of it) and it is even more incredible than the Q&A. Watching this video is like having paid $60,000 tuition to attend the highest-level university – a hypothetical university that is actually worth that.

He shares, “One of the experiences I had in my life was to be invited into the very heart of the organization that is running this very destruction. And in 1998, you can read about it in my novel, Coup d’Twelve…I was actually invited to take a very senior role in destroying this planet. And like everything else, the deal was a good deal…but at what price your soul?…

He says that Cabal agents tried bribing him with women, money – you name it – and that if he hadn’t been raised as a Mennonite, these might have worked.

“This particular campaign began in 1804. Edward Jenner who is the person who gave us the opportunity to call a thing a ‘vaccine’…decided there was actually an opportunity and a risk to play around with the weaponization of nature. And in 1803, he decided to coin a conversation that lasted for 80 years, which was ‘How can we use the plague constructively?’…

“And in 1883, Francis Galton came up with the answer to the question – and the answer to the question was these beautiful things called bacterium, viruses, plague could be very interestingly described into a term he decided to publish in 1883 as ‘Eugenics’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could actually harness nature to actually be weaponized against humanity?’

“If we were to examine the business plan that gave rise to what we’re experiencing now – and by the way, that business plan included an industry that mysteriously, for the last 15 months, none of us have heard anybody talking about – except a bald-headed, bowtie-wearing idiot from Virginia, you didn’t hear about life insurance!

“Oooh. Now we’re gonna get real. Because, it turns out that between 1883 and 1893, the largest growth contributor to the GDP of this country was the trade in the fear of death. The life insurance industry represented more than the combined contribution to the economy of the coal, steel and manufacturing – COMBINED. In the ten years from 1883 and 1893.

“And the reason why none of your are talking about this is because, if you want to know who runs the world, you’ve got it all wrong, ever since you were fooled into believing that the Federal Reserve was a central bank money-grab by bankers and by the Cabal in 1913, because it turns out, conveniently, insurance companies – not banks – put up banks to be the Fall Guy.

“In 1904, all you have to do is look at who was on the dais when the President was sworn into to office, the following year, 1905. And you see, quite mysteriously, standing next to the President of the United States were the executives of New York Life, of Aetna and of the major life insurance companies of America.”

I can’t transcribe it all – and I don’t think you want to read the entire transcript, either but he gets into so many vital riffs, he is a thing of wonder. Here’s one last point I can’t resist sharing:

“Isn’t interesting, that we’re marching for Civil Rights when we’re murdering people? Isn’t that a really cool paradox, where our official cover story is all about ‘equal access’ and ‘let’s let everybody to the drinking fountain’, to ‘let’s have less people to the drinking fountain,’ to the point where we could maybe get nobody to the drinking fountain…

“Now here’s, in my view, the long arc of the insurance companies’ story, the Original Sin. And I am going to offend almost everybody in the room with what I’m going to say about science…It turns out, you don’t have DNA. You have chromosomes. Nature made chromosomes…DNA is not a product of nature. It is a model of human manipulation. Listen carefully to what I’m saying: DNA is not a product of nature, it is a characteristic, it is a model of human manipulation…

“Why do you think the Nobel Prize was awarded to the people who didn’t even discover the thing ? They didn’t! Watson and Crick had nothing to do – seriously – nothing to do with discovering anything. They happened to be eugenicists who would support a cover story that would tell science, ‘Don’t look anywhere else, only look to the double helix.

“Going to go out on a limb here, for ya. Chromosomes, being paramagnetic, wound, helical coils of conductive material are quite possibly antennae. They’re quite possibly not chemistry, at all. And it turns out, I’ve proven that in the lab.

“If you wonder why the magnet experiment, that you’re going to hear about from Dr Carrie [?] is so damned interesting. It’s not because of DNA. It’s not because of RNA. It’s because they are putting an antenna into your body to screw up the transmissions of all of the wisdom of the Cosmos, so that you are detached from being human.”

download dr davids full talk.from the short transcription of what I posted above . right click on video

We have turned the corner on the vaccine debate. The Pfizer vaccine is rapidly failing, and now most infections, hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the “fully vaccinated.” Journalists who promoted vaccines are literally dying from those same vaccines, and a bombshell new study reveals that natural immunity offers approximately 13 times better protection against the “Delta” variant than vaccine-induced immunity.

John 8:32

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