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The fear factor is creating total chaos around the world including America. As we’ve traveled across America, we’ve encountered many naive, trusting, masked, covie kool-aid injected, sickly, non thinking, godless fearful, which has been very disturbing. Far too many are living in a delusional state, unable to accept the current democide agenda which isn’t fiction. The critical thinking must deal with it or die.

While checking out of the hotel one morning I met a gentlemen twice my size so I asked him if he had taken the covie injection? His response was, no way, due to his Christian Faith. He shared, either one rides with Jesus or rides with the world. His faith totally sustained him. It’s all a convenient lie which the masses are buying. He suggested it may well be the mark of the beast as foretold in Revelation 2000 years ago. Thinking is extremely complex for most, just as critical thinking is almost extinct which the covie injections will totally destroy.

Governments worldwide unleash TOTAL WAR against the human population with vaccines, starvation and death camps and few across America and around the world are prepared for the future events orchestrated by government. All of these events have been carefully planned for many decades and billions in profit are being made. Always follow the money. The PCR test is a total fraud just as the vaccine isn’t a vaccine. Dr Kary Mullis created the PCR test exposing the fraud and afterward suddenly died.

With a 99.8% cure rate the vaccine campaign must stop. There is no data or science available for the covie kool-aid and those injected according to Dr David Martin and The Manufactured Illusion.

The mass death coming from the covie vaccine is vast with more on the way this winter with the onset of flu season. Prepare for the new normal with many vaccidents. The masses are always moved through fear. Anytime a critical decision is made out of fear it has, is and always will be the wrong decision and the consequences are always dire.

They’re trying to make me take the Fauci Jesuit Jab! There is a vast difference between a US Citizen, a subject and American, a Freeman. Citizens, subjects have few rights while Americans have all God given Rights. Know the Difference…

The Communist/Socialist Agenda is to first weaken America and second kill America with the assistance of those bought and paid for. The Covie Kool-Aid will remove 7 Billion, leaving 500,000,000 worldwide as clearly displayed on the Georgia Guidestones for the few doing their own research.

Leave the city while you can, prepare for the coming collapse as many families are loosing everything daily including their injected lives. Why would so many follow Luciferians and Eugenicist? Be Prepared, because it’s all Predestined according to the divine will of God…

For those desiring a better understanding of Scripture please visit Trey Smith’s video before removal and may you be richly blessed in your life, liberty, property & pursuit of happiness…

John 8:32

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