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Daily we meet and speak with those convinced that the Covie Kool-Aid Injection is extremely important. Occasionally, we ask what they were injected with and no-one has a clue?

Back in 1950 there were two vaccines; one by Jonas Salk who penned the excellent book; Survival of the Wisest, in which he stated that the polo vaccine contained cancer. Jonas was a Eugenist and survival of the wisest was necessary for mankind’s future. Gates, Soros, Fauci, Birx & Klaus Schwab are all Eugenist, Luciferians and Psychopaths promoting their depopulation agenda; discarding those naive enough to volunteer for the injection while displaying their mask. Todays injected, masked, religious cultist are totally divorced from all logic and science.

Many, say they must take the covie injection to keep their job unaware they are destroying their God given immune system while replacing it with a synthetic system with no off switch, thus creating a vast array of auto immune issues killing the health compromised.

Parent’s today vaccinate children without question causing long term medical effects along with killing many both suddenly and over time. It’s simply good business for the medical cartel, big pharma and the insurance companies. It’s always about the money.

Americans may be the most naive, medically uneducated on earth today. Visit the Georgia Guidestones the the agenda is clearly stated. Listen to the Gates of Hell where he as shared how he is making 20 to 1 profit over what he made with Microsoft. He has also stated his goal is to reduce the carbon footprint to zero. The people are the carbon footprint. You may want to visit the Eugenics Society for membership. These people never take vaccines as vaccines are for sheep.

Take the vaccine or loose your job; take the vaccine and loose your life. Do not contaminate your blood with the Jesuit Jab. Those injected are walking down a path of godless fear spoken of in Revelation two thousand years ago.

For those we love and care for we must find a way to remove the graphene oxide and mRNA technology from those we love and care for. What parent would allow this?

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