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This is a must see Documentary: a Digital Freedom Platform by London Real with Dr David E Martin of Virginia. These people who sanction the narrative are criminal co-conspiracist along with many opportunist positioned to make Billions from a poorly informed society worldwide. How naive do we expect ourselves and others to be? Governors are being handsomely paid to shut down economies statewide as the corporate powers write the rules for society.

We are dealing with some extremely powerful corporations which incidentally control all governments which are in-fact nothing more than corporations overseeing individual corporations known as US Citizens. These corporations are pretty sure they can enforce the wearing of mask, staying at home, social distancing rule leading up to the mandatory Covie vaccines.

We’re in the season of despotism and time is never friendly towards tyrants like the North Carolina, Virginia Governor and those supporting them. The Virginia Governor has taken the Hippocratic Oath along with violating all his oaths. This is simply an invitation to show up. The coronavirus pandemic is planned for profit seeking, including the CDC, WHO and NIH. The second new video, entitled “Plandemic ll: Indoctornation” has spread online since August 18, proliferating a baseless conspiracy theory about the nature of the coronavirus pandemic. The 75 minute documentary if a followup to a similar video that went viral in May and was removed by social media platforms for spreading misinformation.

Its description claims it “tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the covie pandemic. Maybe it’s time to prepare for the next great event.

School requires the obedience of a corpse failing to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Todays schools look more like prisons which in reality are modern social factories. Schooling should make everyone spiritually rich teaching one how to live, question, explore, create along with creative, self governing critical thinking. 

What we’ve experienced for years is a 5th column designed as a social factory dumbing us down and so the curse continues uncontested. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show…

John 8:32

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