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Last night our entire family enjoyed Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie promoting Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness which is a must see film by all families.

“Trump Card” is an exposé of the socialism, corruption, and gangsterization that now defines the Democratic Party brilliantly displayed and carefully documented. 

It’s a lovely rainy, cool foggy morning here on the mountain, before sunrise, perfect for simply sleeping in next to your loved one along with the entire family. Truly, a lazy morning laying here thinking about brewing some coffee along with fixing breakfast while listening to the rain gently falling on the tin roof. It’s an awesome morning for praising our Father God for our uncountable blessings.

Here is something you may want to consider as it’s hard to understood how anyone of intelligence, could possibly want to assist in fulfilling the ten planks of Karl Marx; yet there are some that fiercely defend and desire this. The Left call it Democratic Socialism which is Communism. Identity Socialism leads to misery as exhibited in East Germany prior the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Then we have the Green New Deal; all Communism. The Dem leadership understands the politics of fear and they know how to use it.

The Muslims view the Left as stupid without morals or principles which is exactly why they fear the Right Their goal is to see America become Muslim and the media protects Muslims. The lefts blueprint for socialism is Marxism which always leads to death and destruction.
This same group is clamoring for the new covie vaccine, a nano tech, RFID tagged gel, compliments of the deep dark state and their ruling elite. They’re set on destruction and depopulation and they’re doing a good job. The Covie Kool-aiders with their facial wraps should breed an entirely new strain of disease, primed for the Fall Flu Season which promises to be quite an event according to the fear promoters who are making a fortune.

If enough good men and women awaken maybe Trump can rid America of the insanity including the Fed along with their agencies, returning us to a just monetary system as JFK once attempted with Executive Order (EO) 11110 which he was boldly executed for enacted by the most evil/demonic forces of the day. They’re coming after you and Trump alone stands in the way. JFK’s Executive Order still stands today, needing to be enacted. JFK like Trump has given his life for you.
JFK, Jr once stated he would do whatever necessary to expose those who murdered his father, including taking down the government, which has needed to be exposed since his death. With the awakening of those aware, thanks to Trump, this is happening.

Todays, modern social factories, masonic run public schools, need to be shut down or radically changed in order to produce spiritually rich, critical thinking, creative, self governing adults, instead of a society of droids, daily extorted by the few, controlling elite, which are innately evil, wicked and self serving. The last three administrations have off-shored corruption and this is what the current administration is exposing while fighting to change.

The media knows if a daily mantra (lie) is repeated long enough it will be believed to the point of almost impossible to change. Many lawsuits should be coming forth along with hundreds indicted. Trump is the wall between the American Dream and chaos and a horror show.

“It’s about to go down; keep your eyes and ears open! Lawsuits are coming. “I’m currently litigating against the four companies that make all 72 vaccines currently mandated for American children via CDC recommendations. All four of these companies are convicted felons who have paid $35 billion since 2009 for lying to and defrauding regulators and doctors in order to promote their pharmaceutical products. Our trial team coalition includes the country’s largest plaintiffs firms- all of them veterans of the Monsanto litigation. These firms have won the largest pharmaceutical cases in history. It’s not surprising that we have uncovered proof that the four Vaccine makers’ fraudulent and reckless conduct with their other pharmaceutical products pales in comparison to their crimes in testing, manufacturing, and marketing vaccines, since, in this arena alone, they are immune from liability. We can now show with scientific certainty that certain vaccines- DTap, DTP, Hep B- are killing and injuring far more children than were ever harmed by the diseases they are marketed to prevent. This information will soon be public. It would be good for you to see it before you mandate these shots for children. I’m happy to share it in person with you and your staff and whatever experts you choose to include.” Sincerely Robert F Kennedy jr.

Think about this; on the 14th of June, 1946 the birthday of a boy born in the Jamaica District of Queens, New York City; a man God Almighty has His hand on was birthed.

In 1995, his car has a flat tire. A Black man walking by notices its owner is wearing a suit. So he fixes the flat. “How can I repay you?” asks our birthday boy. “My wife has always wanted some flowers.” A few days later, the Black man’s wife gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note saying, “Thanks for helping me. By the way, the mortgage on your house is paid off.”

A USMC Sargent spends 7 months in a Mexican prison for a minor charge. He is beaten. The man from Queens sends him a check for $25,000 “To get you started.”

A Black bus driver saves a suicidal girl from jumping off a bridge. Our Queens man sends him a check for $10,000.

A rabbi’s critically ill son needs to get from NYC to California for specialty care. No airlines will fly him. The generous man pays for a private flight for the child. This kind man from Queens commits many other “quiet acts of random kindness”.

A wise man once said, “If a man’s heart is good, nothing else matters. And if a man’s heart is bad, nothing else matters.”
Who is this kind man?

Donald John Trump, a man with a good heart and a Strong Faith in Americans. For America’s success, we need more good men and women operating with this level of intelligent commitment and integrity only found in Christ Jesus, Yashua, our eternal Abba Father God.

This is a Great President, the first since JFK, and your future will depend on your vote for him this November. President Trump, We Are All Thanking God For Your Second Term and what will and must be accomplished!

If you had not come onboard many atrocities would not have been exposed from previous administrations including 22,000 missing children daily, child harvesting, sex trafficking, to the crimes of Billy, Anthony, Jeffrey, Maxwell, Harvey, et al…

Think about it; this is the first administration to refuse to start a war for the war machine and the profiteers. No wonder he’s hated by all the major networks. He stays on point and it’s no longer business as usual which upset many just as far too many are clueless however hope always springs eternal so stand with the right side.

Have a blessed day…
John 8:32

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