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Why Public Schools and the Mainstream Media Dumb Us Down

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In this video we examine how public schools and the mainstream media have contributed to the growth of a passive citizenry, thus paving the way for the rise of tyranny.

De-Schooling society: School requires the obedience of a corpse failing to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Todays schools, operate like prisons which in reality are modern social factories. Schooling should make everyone spiritually rich, teaching one how to live, question, explore, create along with creative, self governing critical thinking. It doesn’t.
What we’ve experienced for years is a 5th column designed as a social factory, dumbing children down and so the curse continues uncontested in society. 

We then look at the role anti-authoritarians play in a free and flourishing society. Society is at a point where evil must not advance so support the greatest administration America has seen in decades. It’s up to those who know the truth to create change to our Father’s Glory so choose light while the choice is still available.

Freedom is at stake just as socialism, communism, Marxism and enslavement must not prevail. It’s up to each one of us to ensure it doesn’t. This isn’t the time to back off or give in because the servant is no greater than the Master.

Christ Jesus came to set man free while worldly humanism enslaves. Embrace your cross and race towards your goal while expressing your faith like St Paul who took his love for Christ into a pagan world.

Accept your call, the call of God Almighty. First, you must make the commitment to face a world entrenched in Sin.

Do not ignore His sweet calling. Stand for the truth at all cost as you were not made to fit in, but stand out. Freedom exist to do what you ought, not what you like.

Defy tyranny today to God’s Glory. Every man dies but not every man lives. Saul means great one; Paul means little one, so go forth in Faith.

The Purpose of Schooling by John Taylor Gatto; the most highly decorated teacher in NYC.

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