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“Health Is Wealth”

Health is wealth which few today maintain due to vast amounts of misinformation, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex & the Military Industrial Complex. We are sheep without Shepards & very few understand the simple fact that Health Is Wealth. As youth fades, few maintain a lifestyle of health. Far too many suffer […]

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My dear friend, After a conversation with a long time friend and gentleman medical doctor in Texas, who I spent a great deal of phone time with when I severely cut my leg years ago; he shared he was taking Ivermectin which is what Trump took for Covie, the mystery virus. As we talked, I shared, I […]

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Essential Oils | God, The Original Aromatherapist

When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, he didn’t place them in a house. He put them in the middle of a lush garden filled with flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and all the scents and smells we associate with such a garden. These aromas come from the essential oils of […]