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Lucifer, the fallen Angel, is a Biblical story that fascinates both Christian and unbeliever, but did you know Lucifer is here working on earth today so let me prove it to you! How Lucifer became Satan is a Christian Video by Joe Kirby from Off The Kirb Ministries. If you find Off The Kirb Ministries videos helpful, please consider subscribing.

Lucifer’s power comes through musicians who played music in Heaven and now plays music down here on earth taking full control of the music industry. Are you living for the Lord Jesus Christ Yashua or you simply one of those living life, traveling in circles?

Too many live life bound up in all the trappings of the world. Many years ago my brother in law offered me a great deal of money & support if I would incorporate our now 40+ year old worldwide ministry. After giving it very little thought and much prayer, I turned him down which was due to our Abba Father God’s Grace and Wisdom shown to me.

Like most ministries, He wanted our ministry under state control and all for money and worldly possessions, which he continues to live for to date. He offered a great deal of funding if we would allow his financial planners permission to set up a 501(c)3 corporation otherwise we would never receive any support, which is true to this day. All he required was for me to sign the papers like most corporate run ministries.

He then pointed to his multimillion dollar home, Porsche, BMW and said would you not like to have all of this for your wife. He then took me to visit a television evangelist living in his gated community and multi million dollar home where said minister shared how he too was making millions from his flock. Later that evening I recognized said minister standing in a bar we passed speaking with some young ladies.

In fact, this same brother-in-law has taken control of my mother-in-law’s Trust Fund, which was set up for her care and she has never personally received one penny from her Trust, over the 3 years, we’ve cared for her. It’s her Trust Fund & not their Trust which they fully control. My sister-in-law, his wife said she was not about to loose her second inherantance after her older brother lost Mom’s 10 million dollar estate along with their home on bad investiments. She also shared she wanted Mom to die comfortably on drugs in a nursing home which all the children felt she should reside in order to preserve her money for and emergency, ie. for themselves. Unfortunately, he & his family never considered the Rich Man and Lazarus and the eternal consequences awaiting the entire family.

Over the past several years of giving care where not one of her children has visited Mom, sent her a birthday card or called her on any Holiday; I’ve shared this situation with many across America. Families place far more importance of parent’s money than parent’s life or comfort.

What I’ve discovered is the majority of children refuse to take parents into their home, like my in-laws, much less spend time, money or energy on or with them. Upon taking Mom into our home 3 years ago, we were promised funding from the sale of her home to build Mom a handicapped bedroom & bath for Mom’s comfort. To date, we have not seen the first penny.

They view parent’s money far above parent’s life or comfort while forgetting the one family member taking care of parent. Money is their god and for that they are reaping their just rewards today & eternally. At 87 their Mother is being forced into court to defend her life, money and living conditions. Many times she has stated she does not want to go into a nursing home and please don’t allow her children to force her into one to die. What children would do this? What level is evil and lack of care exist in this family?

Please understand what my sister-in-law shared, she is not about to loose their second inheranuence after her older brother, both doctors, lost a $10 million estate upon the sudden death of their young father. Now they’ve hired lawyers to secure whats left of their Mother’s money for themselves.

In all my discussions concerning this family across America this is truly a first. Who ever heard of suing one’s own Mother for her money? Again, this is truly a first concerning self-serving greed while spending around $600k on swimming pool renovations. Maybe you can picture their multi-million dollar home looking like a fortress. It reminds me of some of the cartels homes in Acapulco.

The majority of children simply job them out like most parents do their children, resulting in the state of the family and nation today. It’s simply much easier to send the old to a nursing homes, known as death homes, as one sister in law shared; to die comfortably on drugs.

For The Family

This is written for families that would rather discard loved ones with little reverence for their life, than inconvenience themselves, their time, their money or compromise their lifestyle, than show love and concern for parent or child. The hive mentality lives for money, pleasure, vacations, mansions, cars, ect. When that is not satisfactory they turn to drugs & alcohol while living a totally self absorbed lifestyle discarding along with destroying entire families.

Welcome to the self-serving, Godless, Vaxxed generation. The Great Reset Initiative drawn by the (WEF) in response to the CV19™ Plandemic; carefully crafted over many decades as once displayed in 1980 on the Georgia Guidestones and now destroyed, for the more educated.

Just as death comes like a thief in the night, it may be time for all the family to read the Book and start living life for Him, instead of self, which most do today. It’s all humanism, the greatest opponent of true Christianity, known as the hive mentality, where fear & money continually motivate. CV19™ is a prime example of fear being used for profit & the hacking of everyone’s DNA. Can anyone say, Mark Of The Beast? Like Bob Dylan’s song; You Gotta Serve Somebody, so who are you serving today my friend…

John 8:32

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