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Listen carefully to this interview with Sarah Westall concerning the state of the nation today. Vaccines, bio-weapons, mass-media, schools, universities & nano-technology have been weaponized against everyone for mass control, wageslaves & genecide. Welcome to “The Jones Plantation” by Larkin Rose, a must see documentary on America and how people are being jacked around using many psyops.

Mind Control & Brain Manipulation is at the heart of existence for the normie. As they are killing you they convince you they are not killing you and the masses think it’s just fine. Like the covid bio-weapon and the billions falling ill from the death shot, the agenda continues. Welcome, CV19™ and the volunteers, who are now products of 5th generation warfare. As normes continue volunteering for the bio-weapons & boosters they complain about their inability to think or function. Sadly, they continue running to the white coat’s for a remedy, which is never offered from pharmacia.

Google’s stated value is to change society according to their own agenda and they are manipulating the mind of man with massive effect to control & genecide the masses. This is gas-lighting for the woke, vaxxed normie.

The Havana syndrome is active, crafted & skillfully employed. Social media has the ability to erase or create memory. The young are the real victims through vaccines & institutions where relevance is destroyed along with creative, critical thinking.

You are the target in 5th generation warfare. The military is obsolete and now they are coming after the youth to exterminate the majority of the population as the woke continue to increase. It’s dystopian at the core with voice to skull technology.

Mass RE-EDUCATION CAMPS are being established across America for post-election government assault on real Americans. Many gaslit folks in America hate Trump, you and anyone standing up for truth. The woke fully support FEMA re-education camps. Welcome to the mass extermination of all Truthers and of course millions of deaths will be due to Bird Flu or CV19™ as tyranny runs wild. They celebrate their own abortions and you think they won’t come after you to enslave or kill you.

Voice to skull technology is widely used on the youth attending government schools as they are systematically mind-washed through their daily routines, social media and programmed routine doing the task they want you to do. The dystopia is everyone will be happy owning nothing including their own body. Technocracy is key to creating a controlled servant class. Targeted individuals is key.

The sum of all fears is here today. America’s military has been vaxxed to the point of obsolesce thanks to Bidenomics and the woke in support.

Are you currently prepared, how about eternally? Are you taking dominion and occupying as commanded by out Abba Father? Have you made full proof of your ministry?

John 8:32

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