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The general public feels powerless of government organizations and corporations that hide in a cloud of bureaucracy. The masses are so easily manipulated on a voluntary daily basis. Why do they use so many ways to extract money from you? How dare you not pay your fair share? Bureaucracies are necessary to hide the extortion from you. Thank you very much for your contribution along with those cluelessly supporting their own demise and total enslavement as Rothschild clearly stated.

Welcome to the world of Privateers where their sole purpose is to steel everything you will ever have. These are highly organized individuals operating, using a private centralized system with a poison pen. The general public has been so badly dumbed down through mental dissonance they blindly follow absurdity giving up millions daily. The federal reserve is a private criminal organization daily supported by the general public out of fearful ignorance easily taking your contributions, door to door through the Post Office. How many lies must be told to cover up a lie? All banks are private meaning there are no laws…

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