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Consider the Alchemy of Evil.

Did you know HIV is contained in some batches of the vaccine? Here it is on the BBC:

Who knew?  As usual, the Tin Hats who bothered to look not the Mainstream Media 
In fact, in all our testing of all the various batches of “vaccine” HIV was the only virus present. No coronavirus at all.

The corporation officers in Australia knew it because early on politicians in Australia halted the phony vaccine roll-out because monogamous heterosexual couples were mysteriously testing positive for HIV after receiving the injections. 

So, it’s time to:  Kill the corps!  Kill the corps!  Kill the corps!  
Murder Pfizer! Mangle Moderna! Mash Johnson and Johnson!  Macerate AstraZeneca! Obliterate NIH!  Pulverize CDC!  Outlaw WHO!  Liquidate them all!

Sell all stocks and liquidate all investments in any of these Big Pharma corporations and do it now because the Ax Man Cometh for them and all the corporation officers responsible for this.  The punishment may easily go down to the shareholder level, so all you brain dead heartless investors who supported this for profit stand to get your due. 

Doctors, tear up your “licenses” and cancel any affiliation with the AMA —and Hospital Administrators, quit and run.  Hike up your skirts, Ladies, and go find a nice cave to live in. They have you set up as the Fall Guys, the mindless security guards at the Concentration Camps, “just following orders” and taking the payola. 
Not only were batches of the “vaccine” spiked with HIV, but the mRNA spike protein causes endemic, permanent, systemic inflammation that wears out the immune system and causes “VAIDs” — vaccine induced AIDS. 

And unless we can find a way to short-circuit this, everyone who received any of these “vaccines” — except the placebo group — are going to die sooner than later, and mostly of a wide variety of loathsome chronic wasting diseases. 

Take your pick: immediate poisoning, myocarditis, AIDS, VAIDS, COPD, Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Thrombosis, Adrenal Failure. Neurological Diseases — Parkinson’s, ALS, MS. 

If you want more proof of guilt, here’s the NIH shredding evidence:

But, just between you and me, it’s not going to do them any good.  We already have everything. Also, just between you and me, don’t give up on your lives or the lives of loved ones just yet, even though this is debilitating news.  We are working hard on epigenetic blockers to thwart the mRNA spike protein code, natural substances that reset the body’s immune system, and so much more. 

For millions of vaxxed people worldwide the news, “Hey, you’re going to die because of this, and the insurance companies are claiming you committed a voluntary suicide.” —-may be their final wake up call, but it is a wake up call, and they and their unvaxxed family members have nothing better to do now than bring this “system” and the criminals behind it, down. 

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