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Killing The Working Class

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Fauci lied & millions died along with destroying Billions of Families, Jobs, Homes, Marriages and Life itself and all by design through mass formation psychosis.

The masses work hard for a pay check and are the most punished worldwide through the tax system leading to ‘their own demise and enslavement’. The fed is composed of a group of psychotic, sociopath, psychological liars alone with everyone in support of the fraud. The federal tax system funds child organ harvestation worldwide along with many atrocities yet few will cease to comply with theft which is both satanic and luciferian, which was clearly explained by Aaron Russo in his exceptional Documentary before his elimination.

Who will KILL the Working Class in 2022?

Robert Kiyosaki & George Gammon Who do you think will crush the working class people this year. Robert Kiyosaki in his last interview with George Gammon explains more concerning this subject.

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As old George stated: it’s one big club and you ain’t in it just as those supporting it will pay dearly. Where do you stand and are you prepared? Freedom is always about choice just as freedom isn’t free. It cost…

John 8:32

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