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Transhumanism & Covids

Covid is real in the minds of far too many even though it is easily corrected, 99.9% according to thousands of doctors, using Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Fenbendazole and a few supplements. All 3 are antiparasitic agents fully suppressed by every corporation and agency. Instead of allowing the use of these healing protocols; deadly protocols are employed, […]

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Covid Consent Form

Anyone signing this will reap what is being offered on the FDA’s list of over 20 auto immune issues including Clotting & Death so God Bless those uneducated in simple legalese. One must redact the Indemnity clause to avoid the Clot Shot. Visit and view all episodes of “Covid Revealed” starting with the 1st […]

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Mass Delusion

In a world dominated by mass DELUSION, the truly sane seem like outcasts. Maybe it’s time to take back your life. Everything I’ve always done is for family, all 7 of us, in preparation for the future. It’s all about a simpler, closer, more loving, Christ centered, family life. As a society, the narrative is […]

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Depopulation Agenda

Dr. Zelenko, the Physician of Presidents speaks out boldly. This is World War lll and this doctor is exposing the Satanic Depopulation Agenda, thus taking a big risk! It entirely up to every Christian to stand and speak out against this agenda. The world must rise up. This is Biblical War. What the faithful do […]

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Ai & Depopulation

Dead pilots, vaccine tyranny, and the exopolitical Artificial Intelligence origins behind the plot to depopulate planet Earth in unison. The nations are being stress tested and most are failing as the eugenics program continues. What’s behind the current purge of humanity that’s taking place on a planetary scale? Over 111 dead commercial pilots through September of 2021, […]

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Covid Revealed Dr. David Martin

Dr David Martin is so bright, so intelligent and you are now in the presence of intense intelligence who is able to unpack the covid system in a beautiful, understandable manner. You’re being lied to. Pull back the curtain, and you get a front-row seat. Full transparency. That’s the only path forward as we expose […]

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Operation Warp Speed

No Vax, no freedom; no vax, no job. Gerald Celente, a renowned trends researcher, is back this time to talk about what he is sees coming in 2022.  There is the never ending Covid, Vax Wars, military wars, economic upheaval, and even new predictions on the future of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ron DeSantis.  We […]

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CRIMINALS will rule during the CHAOS of societal collapse… psychological SHOCK coming to the oblivious masses who have never seen raw violence, desperation and ANARCHY Most people live in the artificial construct of a “polite” society. They follow the rules, obey authority and call 911 when they have a problem that needs to be solved […]

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Covid Revealed

Some of us thrive on Truth seeking, every minute of every day. We are known as Truthers. Intelligent truth, like that only found in prioritized relations, with Christ at the core of all relations, clothed in Godly Wisdom, not worldly wisdom, which pales in comparison. Intense intelligence, is beautiful and rare, so experience it now. […]

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A New Form Of Evil

This is what American Taxpayers are funding today and most are totally unaware as alive men, women and children are having their organs harvested all for profit by the CCP, fully funded by American taxpayers. Awaken and take action by stopping the extortion and fraud because everyone will give an answer at the end of […]