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Covid is real in the minds of far too many even though it is easily corrected, 99.9% according to thousands of doctors, using Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Fenbendazole and a few supplements. All 3 are antiparasitic agents fully suppressed by every corporation and agency. Instead of allowing the use of these healing protocols; deadly protocols are employed, causing great suffering unto death.

People must realize that just because this is so unbelievable doesn’t make it conspiracy theory. It is not a theory as the conspiracy is real. It started with Lucifer aspiring to be god and declaring war on the Most High and all of His creation. The Book of Enoch describes how the watchers assigned to guard over and guide mankind instead started genetically re-engineering both man and beast and teaching men things not permissible.  

The Great Flood was brought about because of this. It continues on today. It will end with Lucifer being thrown into the lake of fire along with all other rebels, angels and men alike. For now they have deceived themselves into believing they can win the war against God, you and I know they cannot. The strong delusion and great rebellion that ends this age has begun, woe to them who find themselves on the wrong side.  

The godless fear death while desiring life eternal, which in reality, everyone has in waiting. Those without Christ Jesus have no idea what’s in store eternally. Those of faith refusing the injection (mark) can’t imagine what awaits the faithful. It is beautifully unreal and linguistically unexplainable.

Those promoting/desiring transhumanism are lost within their own ego, thinking themselves gods, as stated in Scripture, are ye not gods? Man’s heart is wicked above all things, who can know it, saith the Lord.

Since fear resides at the core of the fearful, compliant, obedient, conforming wageslave; what can be done? As Klaus Schwab has said: you will own nothing and be happy. (He will be happy) Every citizen already owns nothing unless corrections, redactions and enforcement is executed and understood. As stated in Scripture, your body is not your own.

Covid is simply the tool used for depopulation and eugenics created many years ago as exhibited openly on the Georgia Guidestones, still standing today.

As genuine Christians, we must pray for the faithless generation, adrift on the seas of commerce with no sailing ability comprised of christian, jew, infidel, et al. Just as faith without works is dead, the same standard applies to those unwilling to stand and speak-out. Without faith it’s impossible to please our Abba Father, God Almighty. Eternity awaits everyone without exception just as death is unavoidable. The called/chosen can’t wait to hear the words, well done…

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