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Some of us thrive on Truth seeking, every minute of every day. We are known as Truthers. Intelligent truth, like that only found in prioritized relations, with Christ at the core of all relations, clothed in Godly Wisdom, not worldly wisdom, which pales in comparison. Intense intelligence, is beautiful and rare, so experience it now.

Anyone who believes in face mask/face diapers is being payed or played. Mask are a cheap psychological operation; a psyop that’s overtaken the world. Millions of adults & children are being damaged for life along with millions dying.

We’ve got so MUCH MORE coming…And it starts right now with each new episode which needs to be quickly viewed. Each episode is up for a short period of time. These are real people with real stories. Covid doesn’t exist; maybe it’s time to learn why because far too many are being damaged and terminated for life. Cognitive dissonance is complete as covid marches onward worldwide in the minds of their own little god consciousness.

They deserve to be heard. Dr. Patrick Gentempo, CEO of Revealed Films, Inc. is doing an exceptional job so enjoy the venture and embrace the education rarely found today.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has done more to expose the demolition of society with the Stockholm Syndrome where your way of life is being systematically destroyed. The covid scamdemic is only one of the many planned steps leading to the biggest shift of wealth and power in recorded world history.

As predicted by the WEF and Klaus Schwab: you will own nothing and Klaus will be happy. For those who understand law; you already own nothing including your own body, just as anything with a number is a corporate fiction.

Covid Revealed Episode 1-9

Debt bondage, unemployment, poverty, and violence are all on the menu for the next few years.

Hyperinflation, famine, and food wars have barely started, yet their destructive effects can already be felt.

And thanks to a barrage of new surveillance technology, privacy, control, and self-ownership, we are all but dead. The worlds system is being run by globalist scum who feel nothing but contempt for you and your very life.

Bill, Klaus, Tony along with too many to name want to keep your wheels spinning until everyone is completely enslaved. The death of 7 billion is what they really want reducing the population to 500,000,000 by 2030 as clearly stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin is a must read to understand what has been done to everyone. The obedience worshipers waste so much time and energy working hard…And these parasites are rigging the system 100% IN THEIR FAVOR…” Few understand how the federal reserve monetary system really works. This understanding is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired results for a successful life.

Study to show thyself approved a workman of God not needing to be ashamed…

Covid Revealed Episode lll Robert Malone developed mRNA Gene Therapy

COVID Revealed – Episode 12: Patrick M. Byrne, Dr. Rashid Buttar: One of the Best Episodes

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We got you covered. 

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