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For millions this is the end while many sit comfortably in their homes uncaring and totally clueless. For the clueless it’s business as usual as long as the job/paycheck is there and money is in the account. Money coupled with fear is the greatest motivator.

Sadly, this is true for most while millions are dying from the great reset with billions being made from the CV19™ bioweapon which was never designed to be safe, like baby vaccines.

Sadly, doctors, preachers, teachers, media, politicians, liberals along with the mindwashed continue to promote bioweapons while declaring total safety. Bought & paid for fact checkers continue to promote the safety of bioweapons, all lies.

Never did anyone think the public could be so naive and fall for such lies. The truth is too damed inconvenient with lethal side effects. The jab is simply a test to determine monetary controllability among the masses. Those being jabbed would have to be insane believing lies upon lies which is lunacy.

The next imaginary disease is in the works and soon to be presented as the sheep protect and support Disease X with tremendous enthusiasm based on pure junk science. Those injected blindly supporting this genecide continue banning all truthers with disdain.

Covid is simply remarketed flu desiring to impoverish society with assisted suicide. Far too many volunteer for this genecide so pity the newborn children who are defenseless in the hands of the white coats.

A Real Doctor

The price charged for honesty these days is a high one as truth continues to be trampled and truthers are banned & slandered as lies prevail. Vaccines are at the heart of the genecide including baby vaccines causing long term medical effects along with learning disabilities.

Doctors continue to loose their medical license for speaking truth. Those speaking loudly loose their life with the support of the vaxxed. Remember Pogo. The genocidal plan has become a successful reality.

Great Doctors Banned & Shunned

Light, when withheld, promotes the darkness as darkness is simply the absence of light. Truth, when hidden, promotes the lie as lies are simply the absence of truth. Jesus said the WE are the light of the world, therefore darkness can only exist if we withhold our light! If we live in a dark world it may be our fault! Matthew 5:14

The medical establishment sold itself to the drug industry years ago. Twelve truths everyone should know but know one else will tell you as viewed by Dr. Vernon Coleman. Todays medicine man is nothing more than the marketing arm of the drug industry. Like sheep, doctors too are easily led desiring money above all else. It’s a slash for cash business of cut, burn & poison.

We need to be constantly aware we’re under siege. The biggest lie is the CV19™ flu plandemic, a total hoax. A vital part of the lie is the PCR test which is useless as shared by the creator, Kary Mullis prior being eliminated for telling the truth. The maskitis disease terrified children causing great harm to everyone. Most all lies are by design to enrich the billionaire bankers just as there is no over crowding. Immune systems are being destroyed due to vaccines.

Abolishing cash will allow the elite total control of every aspect of life. Apps are being introduced to control everything we do. There is no climate change, it is a myth and a fraud, all lies & super lies embraced by the cult. It is criminal along with net zero. Ridding the world of fossel fuels is beyond wicked. The demoing of honest doctors, lawyers & truthers is beyond wicked. People are waking up and once awake they don’t go back to sleep. We have our Abba Father God on our side.

Pure Truth

The idiots practicing psychiatry daily dish out addictive drugs which is totally insane, never curing or helping anyone. Nursing homes are fully designed death homes and killing centers. Chemo kills far more than it helps and so on. DNR’s are a big part of genecide. Face mask do more harm causing many diseases because the medical establishment is owned by the drug industry.


Why would Israel invaded Gaza? Why would any nation commit so many war crimes? It’s all about money, Gas, Oil & Land! Like CV19™ a true genocide follows the money; a huge amount of money with tremendous payouts. Too many dollars, pounds, Euros & Shackles, in the Trillions which is why the US government is funding the genecide.

Why Destroy Gaza?

Studies keep coming out that show danger and harm from vaccines. Now, study shows vaccines can affect the brain. Dr. Vernon Coleman explains what has been found.

1) Dr Vernon Coleman explains the severe harm the Covid-19 Vaccines do to the Brain
2) Dr Vernon Coleman says we all need to pray

A Legand Dr Vernon Coleman

How many brain cells will die is significant; remember the Georgia Guidestones erected in south Georgia around 1980 and recently destroyed. Follow the money. Taking the covid injection (Gene Therapy) is like taking a huge dose of LSD and waiting to see what will happen because everyone will get results. Governments are making this Gene Therapy compulsive. This fraud must stop and Truth is our greatest weapon. Fight with truth & compassion and distrust the government. The vaxxed have been scammed and it’s sad how they weaponized the flu and promoted it through fear.

Enough Said

Dietrich Bonhoeffer shared: it is easier to deal with evil than deal with stupidity. Too many Americans fall into this class as the vaxxed are part of the trans-gender genecide race…

John 8:32

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