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Never in a million years was it imagined that the American people would be turned into mindless, compliant, controlled, tax filing sheep. The stage has been set for a complete invasion and loss of life, liberty, property & pursuit of happiness due to the ignorance of the vaxxed & maskitis diseased. We are at war and Truth is always the first causality.

Understand, not one penny goes to America or the US Treasury. Daily, so called money is printed out of thin air. As Pogo once shared; I’ve met the enemy and he is us and few seem to care or be aware. Sadly, the defenseless children are the victims as most parents haven’t a clue.

ICAN’s Attorneys Have Obtained New Data The CDC Doesn’t Want You to See; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on runaway excess deaths in a post-COVID vaccine world, German Farmers Protest is next level, and science-backed causes of ‘climate change’; Author of ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’ Gives you tools to combat the attack on our Medical Freedom: Aaron Siri, Esq., Michael Nehls, M.D., Ph.D.

All newborns are saddled with a BC Bond traded on Wall Street & 75 vaccines causing long term medical effects including SID’s. Next the masses JOB them out to government run schools to have all critical/creative thinking destroyed for life and parents wonder why johnny can’t learn or function in society. All truth be damned. Listen to Don’t Stay In School by the Englishman. Any citizen/person with a number is a corporate fiction which few know or understand.

Judge Napolitano

Colonel Douglas Macgregor: How Close Is World War III?

John 8:32

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