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“Your Dentist: The Internet Of Bodies”

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The graphene, nanotech and even nano-microchips are now being found in dental anesthesia, breast implants and more – it’s a horror show forced on the global population by an insane and evil ruling class that is trying to depopulate our world by any and every means under the sun. Dr. Diane Kazer exposes the truth.

The mining of human energy for crypto is an article written by Bill Gates years ago which is why he left Microsoft to work on vaccines where far more money is daily being made. Eugenics coupled with vaccines is what it’s all about for Gates, Fauci, Soros & Klaus Schwab. Everyone else has been bought and paid for naively supporting their own genecide.

Few Are Aware

Christ alone is our only hope. Gain knowledge employing His Wisdom led of His Holy Spirit. For His love and the only Hope is found in Jesus Christ. Pray for those outside of His favor & grace. They have little hope and are eternally done. Those outside of Christ are the walking dead.

John 8:32

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