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What’s going on among the fearful masked brigade? The masses are easily controlled through outside forces and this needs to stop. Man is the only creature disoriented in his own environment due to lack of education, understanding & critical thought. Man has higher faculties lacking the knowledge of control and programed to be controlled by outside forces. The mental faculties are perception, will, reason, imagination, memory and intuition. We’ve been raised to operate through our 5 senses what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch and being controlled by whats happening around us. We’re raised in ignorance and few are able to escape the herd mentality.

Reason allows us to think which is the most difficult faculty to use for mankind, thus the majority become what they think about, usually grounded in fear with little to no faith.

Man is fully capable of taking control of their own environment while too many are raised in ignorance. The masses operate through their faculties using empirical data. All the problems in the world come through ignorance. Once the populous finishes the programing of the 12 year social factory, they refuse to ever open another book and that’s sad because without vision many parish.

All things are possible if you believe, as Scripture clearly states. Your results are the manifestation of your belief system. We have awesome powers all based on what we believe.

What do you need to believe more in? How can you surround yourself more with that daily? How can you move into action immediately?

Your imagination is the most powerful force in life. Surround yourself with greatness. Mix with those making it happen. 2 % think, 3% think they think, while 95% would rather die than think. If you stop and listen to what most are saying this will become obvious. The masses get all their news from the networks known as main stream media, MSM, thus becoming a play thing for what’s going on, living in fear all masked up, hook, line and sinker, living lives of fear. Is this really how to spend one’s life?

The world is changing for many and now is the time to adapt and prepare for those who haven’t. Great opportunities are ahead for many that are equipped and ready. Man’s thinking controls everything.

We’re all here to do God’s work and we must get busy, stop listening to the lies of MSM and wake up.

Please don’t let what’s going on program you!

It only took a virus with a 99% survival rate to convince Americans to give up their rights.

Top Pathologist Claims Coronavirus is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public” Says “Mask are utterly useless”

For No Baloney Tony

Oh, Tony. This is going to get even “better”. Between the Covid-19 Hoax and this election tampering, Trump is going to catch them all. This is going to be Epic.

I am sitting here this morning pouring over the intel — high quality intel — not internet chatter and not gossip. The size, scope, and Kung Fu nature of this operation is mind-blowing.

Remember the old saying about “give him enough rope to hang himself”? Well, that is what the Trump Administration has done. They played so dumb they felt stupid. They stood there innocent as the flowers in May and took it in the shorts and took it in the shorts….and all the while, they were letting Joey and Nancy and Chuckie underestimate them.

As the t-shirt says, this is going to be fun. People all over the world are going to get an education from this. They are going to see how their own election processes were manipulated. They are going to see why they can’t trust “science”. They are going to be stunned and outraged and humbled and everything in between.

I think it is safe to say that you can color the CIA gone. Probably MI6 and the FBI, too. Why? These organizations are “Agencies” and those agencies have been grossly misdirected and also have been prey to foreign disinformation campaigns that have resulted in sell-outs to foreign interests, industrial espionage, patent fraud, election tampering, and a host of other criminal activities that have nothing to do with any Public Good.

If I were a former CIA Director right now, I’d be wearing a nice stout pair of Depends diapers. Same for MI6. Same for FBI.

When Trump is done, those houses are all going to be clean as a whistle, if they survive at all, and the organizations which have been directing these agencies will be gone. These are not the only “intel groups” that will be impacted, they are only the ones that the people here know about and think of. The rot has gone deep into the Defense Intelligence Agency and DARPA, too, and their equivalents all around the world.

The first New Deal was a giant fraud scheme that aimed to enslave the people of America and rob them blind, so take a hint. The Green New Deal was going to be even worse, if possible. Using pseudo-science (just like the Plandemic) they were aiming at taxing your life functions. They were going to tax you for breathing, eating, drinking water, and defecating. It wasn’t enough for these fiends to tax your labor and your time on this Earth. And they were going to impose this new tax scheme worldwide.

This time, folks, I do believe that the Inquisition is finally going down. For the better part of a thousand years these life-denying, evil, blasphemous, soul-destroying harpies have been feeding off innocent people “in the name of the Church” and later, “in the name of the Government”, and they were getting ready to do their stint “in the name of the United Nations” —- but I think this time, they are going to Bite the Big One, instead.

These cretins have been the actual and original “terrorists”, from their origins as witch-hunters and torturers to their modern roles as commercial pirates, probate judges, and privateers. They have inhabited their own sleazy world, full of secret hand-shakes, signs, symbols, and blackmail schemes, cannibalism, blood-drinking, black magic, and lies. And money. Lots of money. Every time we tracked them down, they’d just fold their tents and sail over the horizon.

We discovered what they were doing with the IRS in Puerto Rico, so they all but destroyed Puerto Rico as they left for their new digs in the Mariana Islands, where they had the same protected offshore set up and access to — you guessed it — the Spanish Law of the Inquisition, to practice lawfare against anyone they labeled as a “TAXPAYER”. We caught them selling out our Patent Office and setting up bogus Cestui Que Vie Trusts and running “courts” as private collection agencies for the British Monarch and the Pope, so they up-ended and began greasing their wheels to move to China.

But now the Chinese are waking up, too.

Everyone is waking up. People are dusting off their eyes and shaking their heads and looking at what money really is, and when they do, they are astonished: why, it’s nothing but a flim-flam trick, and the different currencies are nothing but different brands of pet rocks. A “symbol of value” equals a picture of a bird for a turkey.

Perhaps more importantly, as we view the injustice and bloated bureaucracies spawned by the present system of “law”, we are all finally realizing that a law (beyond the original ten that we could never obey, either) is just an excuse to force your opinions on other people and tax them for not agreeing. Who knew?

It’s all nothing but fraud and stings and confidence rackets, usury, hypocrisy, fakery, and lies as far as the eye can see. And it is all collapsing, layer by filthy layer, under the weight of truth. The world has become a much smaller place. They can no longer repaint their ships and sail away. People are wising up and recognizing the replays of their old fraud routines like bottomry bond schemes and DOG LATIN. We are laughing at them. They are no longer in control of our minds. We can see our own horizon.

Oh, my. Lions and tigers and bears. People stare at me wild-eyed. I am reminded of the Professor in Back to the Future. But, but, but, but….what comes next? If not the Green New Deal taxing every breath you take? If not debt notes for money, then what? How can we live without 80 million codes and statutes and all the personnel needed to enforce them?

The entire man-made world is nothing but lies, so if not more fraud, then what?

Simplicity, credit, and kindness.

Imagine it. It’s coming

The Honorable Anna Von Reitz

The Honorable Sidney Powell ET AL

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