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“What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous”

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Here’s what all vaccines do to your body which is how doctors make money creating long term medical effects while enriching both the Pharmaceutical & Medical Industrial Complex. Critical thinking required.

Do you really know what happens inside your body when you roll up your sleeve to get a shot – whether it’s a CV19™ shot or any vaccine? This Midwestern Doctor believes these frightening events occur because of zeta potential, a factor underlying many chronic conditions.

  • Vaccines often cause various side effects, making it hard to identify common causes. Neurologist Andrew Moulden discovered that vaccines frequently trigger microstrokes, which can lead to a myriad of acute and chronic diseases
  • Forgotten research from the 1960s, shows that blood cell clumping is a root cause of many diseases — a belief also shared by Chinese Medicine
  • Colloidal chemistry and zeta potential science reveal that positive charges around blood cells cause clumping. Agents with concentrated positive charges, such as aluminum and the COVID spike protein, are especially problematic
  • Improving the physiologic zeta potential benefits a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses. A strong case can be made that many conventional and holistic therapies work in part by enhancing zeta potential

Many medical problems stem from the diagnostic approach of physicians, especially with complex illnesses, which are often misdiagnosed and lead to ongoing patient struggles.

Complex conditions can present with varied symptoms across patients and resemble other illnesses (e.g., fibromyalgia vs. chronic fatigue syndrome). In turn, poorly trained physicians often default to psychiatric explanations, overlooking the true causes.

Vaccine injuries have a wide range of symptoms and hence have confused doctors for over 200 years (with many doctors in the past labeling them as “encephalitis”).1 Presently, I believe three main mechanisms underlie the myriad of vaccine injury:

1.Immune dysfunction — Vaccines frequently cause chronic autoimmune disorders and varying degrees of immune suppression.

2.Cell danger response — Cells can enter a primitive state under threat,2 stopping normal mitochondrial function. This temporary state can become chronic, underlying many severe conditions. Treating this response has resolved conditions linked to vaccination, like autism.

3.Impaired circulation — Vaccines can impair fluid circulation by affecting the body’s zeta potential. This causes fluid clumping (i.e. micro blood clots and blood thickening) and obstructs blood flow in capillaries.

My focus was drawn to the zeta potential concept once I realized that many of the mysteries of COVID-19 (and later the COVID-19 vaccines) were due to the spike protein being extremely disruptive to the body’s zeta potential. I now believe that patient outcomes would significantly improve if the medical system prioritized the zeta potential.

John 8:32

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