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Fireside Chat with Lin Wood 7-More questions answered with shocking responses.

President Donald J. Trump is the Leader of the Free World. Sleepy Joe and the D’s are the leaders of the godless, satanic, evil, wicked, communist, enslaved world, bought and paid for by the godless, satanic CCP, et al.

Please take the time for God and Country, Family and Freedom, to hear what the honorable Lin Wood has to share. Your life will depend on these issues.

The suicide rate in this country surpasses the so called, “COVID deaths.” Over 200,000 people have killed themselves over this “Mystery Virus” and no one is reporting this. No one is reporting the 650,000 deaths due to cardiac arrest or such complications. No one is reporting the 90,000 deaths due to the flu and flu infections.

It appears that COVID is the answer to heart attacks, flu, gun shot wounds, car accidents, cancers etc. It’s all tied to COVID and EVERYONE IS WEARING A MASK.

People want to be warriors but they don’t want to do the fighting. So all you folks out there keep wearing that satanic compliance mask. Then ask yourself how this country turned communist?

Everyone’s freedom, your families freedom, is seriously at stake. What will you do?

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