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Please pay close attention to Max Igan. “Absolute Predestination” is absolute yet some still strive to awaken family & friends during the great culling, out of love of Father, Son & Holy Ghost. The vaccinated are under the spell so please speak for the little ones and the elderly.

While children take money from the elderly and their caretakers viewing the money of the elderly as their inheritance, sacrifices are daily made creating financial elder abuse due to the greed of the children which is a universal problem among the fearful, godless, greedy, pagan, vaccinated transhumans, due to the system. The greed of the masses much prefer to force the parent into a prepaid nursing home, since the parent was foolish enough to listen to children refusing to care for the parent, thus buying into the scam known as M&M’s, money & murder. Once successfully placed in a group/nursing home, using bugs & drugs, under the illusion of a comfortable death, as one naïve, self-serving child shared. This is the system today where parents pay between $50k & $100k on self serving children’s advise. After speaking with many, greed is common & universal among selfish children. Such care not to spend time with parents that gave everything in raising such godless souls without sanctity for a loving Mother’s life.

Six G is the next step of the IOB, Internet of Bodies, where they hook everyone up to the mainframe grid. This was written about years ago by Bill Gates for those paying attention. Now MSM is talking about it. All of this has been carefully planned for decades. Propaganda is what sells the story through fear and all for control.

Continuing with the depopulation program as currencies are turned on and off, raised and lowered, the masses remain clueless while profits are made. It’s all fiction for the corporate fiction, the puppet show and the US Citizen. Avoid doctors at all cost and stop operating in fear. It’s all a scam. Doctors are for sheep, the deceived, naïve, refusing to care for themselves or govern their own health. Remember, vaccines cause long term medical effects from cradle to grave.

Entertainment is all about control and molding the mind. Higher education is for mind-washing as the earth is being depopulated through bio-warfare using vaccines™. Doctors spend 7 years investing in their training. Most doctors don’t know they are poisoning their clients. The entire medical industry is bio-warfare and democide. It’s a democide, a deception for the reset. Long covid™ is the weapon used to inject poison as variants and boosters continue producing billions for the cartel as the reset continues. If doctors were in the business of healing they would have few clients. Like in our family they can’t heal themselves.

What’s the meaning of life? It is being happy doing what you love as your abba Father directs. Obedience to Christ Jesus is absolute happiness, joy, peace & eternal life. Those unfortunates who serve the world amassing many possessions never able to awaken to truth are caught in the great deception unable to awaken to what’s important. They live among the walking dead in absolute perversion chasing what they will never attain.

The educational system trains people to be dumb, making them pay to be alive. Thus, all critical creative thinking is destroyed. Obedient compliance is all that’s left. Find what you love and you will find your way through the deception unlike the masses. The financial system is to keep people in scarcity. In other words, without a vision from the Lord, one will and does parish. The masses work for stuff in order to keep one running on the treadmill just as health is true wealth, yet few understand. Clearly, the great deception works and always has for those void of relations with Christ Jesus. One either lives for the pleasures of the world serving the world or one lives for Jesus Christ serving Him, being led of Him, walking in His Wisdom.

“If you want peace prepare for war”

Biden & Fetterman 2024 It’s a no brainer for the covie kool-aid folks.

John 8:32

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