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And now we have the Covid 19™ vaccine, for the slow soft kill producing billions in profit while killing millions. The mind-washing continues among the masses.

Trusting, educated, compliant, naive parents vaccinate™ their healthy, most precious God given gifts, with a vast number of vaccines™ and today, the CV19™ vaccine, all to create long term medical effects, including a slow & painful death.

Few seem to know the CDC is owned and controlled by the heads of Big Pharma, otherwise known as Luciferian eugenist ridding society of those deemed to be unfit. Welcome Klaus Schwab, AI, Transhumanism, hackable DNA, a new species and the godless, soulless man.

Next, gullible parents job children out to the private/public government school system successfully destroying critical, creative thinking, ignorant of money & law. Visit what is produced today, as the curse causeless continues Enough said!

It’s all about the production of “John Taylor Gatto’s” Wageslave, where you will own nothing and be happy, which is already the case for those who understand the system, concerning the Corporate Fiction/ US Citizen. Do you understand, which is to stand under? We the people are the keepers of the fraud while lawyers facilitate the fraud. The masses do not understand the system, standing under the system as true subjects.

Autism. What is it and why is it on the rise? In this feature length documentary presentation, award winning executive producer Gary Null is on a quest to reveal the true causes and promising solutions for the recent dramatic increase in autism in our children. At the time of releasing this video in 2009, every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism in the USA, and now in 2020 it is well known that childhood vaccinations are the cause. As children were given more and more doses of vaccine, the rise in Autism climbed in the same proportion from then until now.

Pfizer’s business model is to create the sickness and sell the “cure”

To ensure an indefinite multi-billion-dollar profit stream well into the future, drug giant Pfizer is intentionally sickening people in order to make them lifelong pharmaceutical junkies who constantly need to be “cured” of their drug-induced ailments by more Pfizer drugs.

Pfizer’s mRNA (messenger RNA) Wuhan coronavirus “vaccine” is sickening and killing millions, as you may know. Those who survive are being told that in order to continue surviving, they must continue to get injected with new “boosters” at regular intervals, much like seasonal influenza vaccines or flu shots.

Since the double-dose mRNA jabs from Pfizer cause a person’s immune system to degrade and turn negative, the multinational corporation is advising its customers to continue getting boosted in order to feel just good enough to continue working to feed the beast, but never good enough to actually live with a normal, healthy and robust immune system like the unvaccinated have.

Much like heroin junkies, Fauci Flu shot addicts have to keep getting their fix in order to avoid premature death. This means a hypothetically endless stream of cash for Pfizer, which continues to boast record profits quarter after quarter. (Related: Pfizer bastardized ivermectin by making it more dangerous and repackaging it as “Paxlovid” in order to generate billions in new profits.)

Pfizer turning covid jabs into a SUBSCRIPTION model: injections for life! How about that…welcome all libtard, compliant, psychotic psychoids…

Pfizer is so confident in its sickness-for-profit model that it is now introducing a subscription service of sorts that allows customers to receive their drug and injection fixes on a routine schedule.

When these drug and injection fixes cause more health problems, Pfizer is ready to dispense even more drugs as new “cures.” And when those “cures” create even more health problems, Pfizer has even more drugs ready to dispense – and so on and so forth forever.

In addition to Paxlovid, which the company is now marketing as a “rebound” drug for its “fully vaccinated” customers to avoid continually testing “positive” for the Chinese Virus, Pfizer also has other drugs available to treat the deadly side effects caused by its Fauci Flu shots.

Vyndaqel, for instance, is a Pfizer drug that treats cardiomyopathy, a heart condition caused by myocarditis, one of the most well-known side effects of Pfizer’s Wuhan Flu injections. Last quarter, Pfizer raked in $602 million from Vyndaqel, sales of which are up 29 percent compared to last year.

“Why are so many more people buying this drug?” asks Jordan Schachtel on his The Dossier Substack blog. “That question alone should raise some eyebrows.”

Then we have Eliquis, a Pfizer drug that is marketed to treat blood clots, which just so happen to be another common side effect of the company’s Fauci Flu shots. Sales of this anticoagulant medication are up 15 percent compared to last year, having generated $1.46 billion for the company in the last quarter.

“Pfizer is the perfect example of a company that has been rendered completely unaccountable thanks to its partnership with the U.S. government,” Schachtel warns.

“Company executives routinely lie with impunity, and know they will not be held liable for their own words, let alone the countless vaccine injuries that their products have caused.”

It is clear that Pfizer could not care less about people’s health. In fact, the company would prefer that we are all just sick enough to require more of its drugs, but never healthy enough to actually fight back against its relentless pharmaceutical tyranny.

“They’re the mafia,” wrote a commenter about both the government and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. “Only ‘legal’ and ‘elected.’ It’s one gigantic protection racket.”

More of the latest news about Pfizer and the rest of the pharmaceutical industry can be found at

“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice.” – Robert Kennedy

No ‘Pandemic Amnesty,’ We Want Accountability!

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