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“Plants Are Trying To Kill You”

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This is being published for family & friends, in particular for those that are seriously health compromised including some with cancer. Just like all vaccines™ which are designed to produce long term medical effects including death along with vast fortunes for Pharma & the medical cartel which is a huge business.

Maybe it’s time to take a serious look at the lies we’ve been raised on from Nutrition to the FED. So remember, don’t eat your veggies and get dewormed.

For over 40 years, Trinity Farms has promoted truth for the benefit of those called by our eternal Abba Father Jesus the Christ in accord with His Word written. Just like fenbendazole, ivermectin & chloroquine, all animals need to be treated for maximum health and few are. Critical thinking has long been eliminated thanks to government schools and the mind-washed programed individual.

Many “experts” claim eating meat is dangerous in some way. Red meat, animal fat, & cholesterol in the diet worry many people, and in this video Dr Chaffee & I answer questions about a Carnivore Diet. Dr Anthony Chaffee is an American medical doctor and Neurosurgical resident who, over a span of 20+ years, has researched the optimal nutrition for human performance and health.

Now, here’s something to consider: we wish you well!

John 8:32

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