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America has become a country run by pedophiles, sodomites, satanists, while gaslighting us daily, infecting our food, vaxing, indoctrinating our children and destroying our military.

The corporate run church has been designed for the corporate citizen complying with most corporate designed entities, never causing offense, so please don’t speak loudly.

While most ran out to volunteer for the CV19™ injection along with masking up in total compliance with the virus science, buying all the lies of MSM and the useless mandates promoted by those bought and paid for using junk science. When you stop detoxing you die.

Dr Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt is one of the most honest, honorable, military trained doctors living today. She is one of the few, brave, intelligent doctors, willing to speak the truth in support of the pure-bloods and those still able to critically think.

Remember, the purpose of government schools is to fully indoctrinate while destroying all critical, creative thinking. The purpose of newborn vaccines is to create long term medical effects and easily enslaved, compliant, controllable, tax-filing wageslave. Doctors today are bioweaponeers. The masses live in a false reality like in the Truman show.

There is no way to isolate a virus. Virus in latin means poison and is a massive money maker for the Medical, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. Creating the term virus was the greatest, most profitable word Rockefeller ever develop.

When children develop cancer from newborn vaccines, please remember to thank Rockefeller and why not, doctors need to make a living and why not use the less studied known as useless eaters. The problem today is the droids & NPC’s.

Please listen carefully and learn, always sharing the truth concerning the front men bought and paid for. Remember, you can always get out if you know you are able to get out. Stop complying along with funding your own demise. Welcome to 5th generation warfare. Fear is the mind virus…

John 8:32

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