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It’s been a long time for people to awaken to the truth that Trump has been stating with the insanity of the vaxxed, woke, libtard, evil transgendered, sodomite, confused, self mutilating wacko’s have been embraced in. For too long demons have been leading the charge resulting in what we have today.

Mark Robinson from NC is going to make some changes along with President Trump. It’s way past time for all the woke, vaxxed libtards to crawl back into their closets. It’s past time for real men to take a stand and do something like speak truth loudly. America needs more men like Mark Robinson and Donald John Trump.


Anyone calling themselves a Christian should want to see everyone saved and heaven bound. God’s men needs to speak loudly the truth, His Truth, if this is going to become a reality. We must get politically active in order to change a nation. Amen…

Evil rules in too much of America today just as too many Americans are fully infected allowing this cancerous infection to grow and fester resulting in the state of the nation today. Will you do something like support truth and live for Christ.

President Trump

One-on-One with Donald Trump: Dr. Phil sits down with President Trump for a one-on-one interview where nothing is off limits. Following this interview, Dr. Phil holds a town hall meeting to speak with viewers about their reaction to his interview with Donald Trump.

We are servants of the most high, God Almighty, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach…

John 8:32

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